Joe Rogan & Eddie Bravo on The Rods Conspiracy and Tobacco Conspiracy

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  1. Eddie, they make BILLIONS from selling the cancer drugs and treatments to sick people….. Caused by cigarettes.

  2. " Rods " , not for a second did I buy them, knew it was camera effects. " No Forests " , yep a few minutes of that nonsense had me switch back to the "Flat Earth " videos . I believe these are all social experiments to determine who in society are susceptible to propaganda .

  3. Ciggies – 5-6 million per year (600,000 non smokers second hand smoke)
    Alcohol – 2.5 million per year
    Car accidents – 1.3 million per year
    Drug abuse – 200,000 per year
    Pools – 8.3 per 100k
    Guns – accidental 1.9 and intentional 3.5 or 12,000 and 21,000 suicides (US stats)

    Seatbelts and airbags save 15,000 lives per year in the US and helmets save 2k lives per year… and billions of dollars.

    Well fuck me sideways.

  4. Tobacco is and will always be legal because of the amount of money the tobacco companies make each year and how much the government makes off them in tax revenue. Think of what about write only Australia and we only have just over 23 million people here, then do the math of what the U.S tobacco companies make and how much the U.S government make off the tax, the Australian government gets easily gets $10 Billion just from the tax off the sale of smokes then you add the money they make from the licenses of the sellers and then add import-export tax, plus I don't know if they still do, but they probably still get bonus's from the tobacco companies took keep tobacco a legal substance….. Also have you ever wonder why tobacco and alcohol is legal yet ones is a poison and the over is a plant that they use some of the most deadliest chemicals that are around, it's illegal to have tobacco plants but you can go buy it from a shop But weed is illegal and was classed as 1 of the worse drugs??

  5. +it's because the tobacco and alcohol companies together and paid the government off to make it illegal because they new that weed was a better product and if it was sold a cigarettes it would put the cigarette companies out of business because it is safer and better then chemical drenched tobacco and with alcohol companies they thought people would get stoned and then not drink or go out and drink and as we all know weed is a better high then alcohol so they had a good point cause don't know how many times I was going to go n have a drink and smoked a bowl before going then ended up staying at home smoking.Also they ended up getting the pharmaceutical companies to help and they ended working out what it could do so they ended up buying all the copyrights or patents for the use medical marijuana like 80-100 years ago or whenever.something extra find out how many people die every year from those companies.I bet the number is well over 2x's Australia's population easily

  6. I love you Eddie. your open minded and can think for your self.
    and Joe you are heading that way, I've seen you question a lot more.
    respect guys 🙂

  7. Lawl how is this still a thing.Its been proven that these rods are simply insects.See shudder speeds are slow so all we see is a ghost of a bug and its flapping wings.
    Take the same picture with a high speed camera and you will see what it really is …Bugs.

    Nothing wrong with an open mind but this is getting ridiculous its been disproving long ago.Just goes to show people believe what they want to.

  8. Eddie saying about science that you have to "prove that shit to me" is kinda retarded. That's the very point of science, proving theories through evidence. If you take the time to read you can see the rock solid proof for yourself. Evolution, general relatively, is all backed up by incredibly strong evidence. They're as close to proven as anything in this world can be.

  9. A rod fries over Albany airport in New York and the FBI showed up and shut everything down. Fox News had the footage but the government forced them to take it down. Not saying I'm a believer but the government shut it down because of rods.

  10. the problem with that seat belt theory is that it was at the time led by Ralph Nader. If there's one person in the world who's absolutely not a corporate shill, it's Ralph Nader.

  11. fuck click it or ticket I wanna see a seat belt ad that just says "don't make your wife wipe your ass, wear a fucking seat belt"

  12. UK taxes cigarettes at 80% an that ain't to stop children smoking. Why don't they put pictures of a clogged artery on a big Mac box as well as a cigarette packet.

  13. two things about smoking.
    1.) perfect population control. People willingly kill themselves off, you don't have to drop bombs on them or orchestrate some kind of deadly event and get your hands dirty, they're doing it for you.
    2.) money. smoking causes cancer, cancer is incredibly expensive to treat/cure. as long as millions of people are getting cancer, just think of all the money they're getting for that.
    Joe is right, cigarettes are their dirty secret friend, it's doing exactly what they want, and the best part is that the populace is willingly doing it to themselves. You think it's addictive because of chance? because of random shit in them? hell no, cigarettes were designed that way, they're designed to kill and designed to give you cancer, and also designed to make people crave them so the cigarettes can do their job.

  14. a forest is has populations of 100 to 300 year old trees… the bush on the other hand is full of brush and 11 year old trees…so ya there are hardly any forests….

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