1. A great man, which knew the truth and found out how we were enslave into the system, wanted to freed us! so because of the truth, honesty and truthfulness was shot and quiet down and killed because he knew the truth of what is was going on! we must wake and see the truth and try to see things as what they are and what he wanted us to know just like Martin L K. so my thoughts.

  2. Let me guess, one of America's most candid and intelligent presidents was a conspiracy theorist nut or was the president that read ten news papers everyday and assassinated in his struggle to free every man women and child of the "United States" (municipal CORPORATION) RIGHT!!!! "For we are opposed around the WORLD by a Monolithic and RUTHLESS conspiracy that relies primarily on covet mean to expand its sphere of influence………….."

  3. FIRST lesson in history:
    DREAM of Czars Kings Emperors Pharaohs Conquerors Elites(yes including USA elites) is only one WORLD DOMINATION true since the birth of first civilizations. There is nothing NEW

  4. the last great hope for a true American republic shot dead like a dog in Dallas… I wish he hadn't been murdered :(

  5. I don't really think he's talking about any secret society so much as he's making a very politically genius speech. He's blaming a "conspiracy" or the larger bureaucracy of government for the secrecy and screw ups that sometimes occur and freeing his own administration and thus himself from blame for when something inevitably goes wrong. He's also trying to be more trustworthy by lauding the press for being a de facto fourth check and balance on this "conspiracy" that is truly just the government

  6. This highly-EDITED & MANIPULATIVE video should be taken down. Watch the full version, people! (it's the 1st hit on YouTube search). JFK is not talking about what you think he is talking about here.

    Btw, I believe our government is more corrupt than ever & that something needs to be done quickly about the False Flags & PsyOps, and overall bullspit in our news!

    However. I do not appreciate the waters being "muddied" by fake, truth-stretching, repurposed videos like this.

  7. A literal hero. A war hero. A hero of conscience. These words have truly come to pass.
    The chance for true representative democracy died with Bobby.

  8. A truly remarkable man. I agree with those who recommend you listen to the full speech. This one has been HIGHLY and grossly edited to mean something completely different than the original. In the original (which is brilliant) he is actually talking to the US press corps about the need for voluntary censorship due to the cold war with the USSR. THEY are the 'secret society' he is referring to. Sooo, he isn't a champion against the 'illuminati', the 'bilderbergers', the CFR or the Trilaterals. It really bothers me when people try to manipulate others by cutting and pasting speeches together like this. Whoever they are, they did a good job. I didn't even hear the breaks. Thanks to those of you who informed me to listen to the whole speech. miffed

  9. Best President United States of America ever had!! But, we as a people failed to protect him and his legacy. Hack, we couldn't even find his REAL killers!!! Yet….

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