JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

Was JFK’s comment on “secret societies” a statement against the “NWO”? I searched this famous quote and finally found the full unedited written transcript and …




  1. True American patriot! We have been infiltrated in all aspects of goverment military media education and science. This country is in deep peril!

  2. All anyone needs is just a basic or general knowledge about the Cold War
    at the time of JFK and then it becomes patently clear that the entire
    purpose and topic of this speech was the global expansionist threat from
    the Soviet Union (USSR). That fact that so many people, in an effort to
    know and understand the world around them today, are willing to ignore
    this reality from the past should be rather alarming. Just look up the
    Space Race, the Berlin Wall, the Berlin Airlift, the Bay of Pigs, the
    Cuban Missile crisis. This existential threat to America's existence at
    that time was quite a clear and present danger, to assume otherwise and
    ignore that this speech is about Soviet communism is beyond sheer
    ignorance, its window licking on the short bus with both your pants and
    hair on fire.

    Having said that, this certainly is a brilliant and great speech, JFK clearly had a realistic grasp of the nature and the threat that Soviet communism actually was. And just as many great Reagan speeches have stood the test of time, and oft times seemingly so in a prophetic way, so too have speeches like this by JFK. Just remember that the context is just about as important as the speech is itself. Cheers!

  3. La solution à l’immédiat ce les sages écrits du général De Gaulle dans son discours 1967 : frontières pour Israël 1967, sortir de l’OTAN, et retour à l’or. Fin du dollar comme monnaie de réserve mondial. C’est éventuellement ; les vocables de George Orwell, « Qui contrôle le passé, contrôle le futur ; qui contrôle le présent, contrôle le passé » Ce simplement un mécanisme crée par les pères fondateurs de l’occident, pour arrêter tout drapage trop exagéré qui peut détruire la civilisation dans une espace de liberté d’esprit. Le mécanisme entreprend. Est 1967 c’est loin de 2016 donc le passé, qui contrôle le réel. 1917-2017 ! Déclaration Balfour de 1917. Le 22 mars 1917, Nicolas II, qui a abdiqué quelques jours plus tôt, est placé en résidence surveillée avec sa famille au Palais Alexandre situé à Tsarskoïe Selo près de Saint-Pétersbourg. La même nuit, une bande de soldats profané le tombeau de Raspoutine. La Déclaration Balfour de 1917 est une lettre ouverte datée du 2 novembre 1917 et signée par Arthur Balfour, le Foreign Secretary britannique. Elle est adressée à Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937), éminence de la communauté juive britannique et financier du mouvement sioniste, aux fins de retransmission.

  4. Well done, i remember spending some time trying to convince other people to listen the speech in its entirety, and subsequently deduce that this speech did not kill him, just like Oswald didn't.

  5. It's strange that it is referred to as the "Secret Societies Speech" when the the speech itself is an appeal to the press to be more secretive. Or have I misunderstood?

  6. the one and ONLY honest good hearted man to run this wicked country, he warned us long ago and now we will pay the price for not listening and loving one another, ignorant unaware hateful zombies love crime dicators injustice and death, and thats what we all will get, thanks to the over all opinions of this filthy wicked society

  7. gavino, it's that in the USA, they don't teach us the truth of our presidents very often. mostly the memorization of their names and places takes precedence. if you aren't in the USA, you will not understand our amero-centric education system. if you're in our hemisphere, you'll know by the way the map of the world is presented though. bet you can name more countries in south america than south africa. there are reasons for what we know and don't know and a socialist school system is one of them. it matters to me because i have a child, if you don't i cannot make you understand. i won't even try. goodeve.

  8. It's clear that he was talking about communism/the soviet union in this speech and not the illuminati or some shit like that

  9. It should be mandatory for all journalists to listen to this speech before being hired!!!! THERE IS LITTLE VALUE IN CENSORING SO CALLED FAKE NEWS SINCE THE DANGER OF CENSORING THE TRUTH IS INEVITABLE

  10. Every President that is murdered was for the people. Kennedy began making real money, a five dollar bill. But he was hated like Reagan, Lincoln and Trump. The CIA will take him out, but they need to destroy him first so that's the reason for the #peegate attempt. I am sure a massive criminal sting has to be manufactured to impeach him to prevent his legacy as the greatest President in history. The only other scenario I can foresee is a nuclear false flag attack on the Whitehouse or on Air Force One while he's in or near Russia. God protect President Trump and those who support him. LIBERTY.

  11. Whenever I spend too much time with them "semi-conscious people" I just come back to these comments…glad to know I ain't the only one that sees the stupid games we've allowed…

  12. The most dangerous element and the enemy of the free state such as US it's the press! I discovered the press is the most efficient killing mechanism more deadly than combined nuclear power of any country. They act without restrain and kill with impunity. I have a strong believe that the press is owned by people group whose agenda is not peace, but evil! They have chosen not stop at nothing. If this agenda persist, the sovereignty of free states are at great risk, there won't be a free state.

  13. What I love about this man & his words is how covert he could speak while being direct. What gives me the chills about this particular speech is how calmly he expressed that the enemy is from WITHIN. God rest your glorious soul, President Kennedy.

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