JFK Conspiracy Speech Dance Mix

This is a techno & dance mix of President JFKs Conspiracy & Secret Society Speech. The music and the video is made by me Robert80z. You can also …




  1. sometimes when one great leader is put down it is to protect us the weak. Now here we stand again with the false vote to elect someone to change the way our way of life is to be. the blood will flood the streets. all the little mean and hate that fills the hearts of all that want change will become one power. we say we want to be free but beg to be protected…

  2. "beg to be protected…" That is the lie. That we need to be protected by a monetary system or dictatorship type regime. I will protect myself with my neighbors and my guns. Of course we need a government that has a military and it helps that we have a strong one, but the USA is and has been planing a microchipped population.
    They can have my hand or head for that matter, I SWAY NOT! To give my life is to actually live indeed. My fear is for the unsaved and unevangelized. I fear only One.

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