JFK Conspiracy: Did Secret Service Stand Down?

https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet http://infowars.com Was a pre-planned Secret Service stand down part of the JFK assassination conspiracy? RELATED: The …




  1. he didn't stop but he definitely slowed down, and yes this was clearly a spur of the moment stand down order, the whole thing is creepy yo me.

  2. "Is this the video that proves a conspiracy to kill JFK?" No, because that was already done by the Zapruder film, which shows that the shot which opened Kennedy's head was not fired from Oswald's purported location – therefore either there was a conspiracy of shooters or a conspiracy to implicate Oswald in place of an actual lone shooter which could only be motivated by an underlying establishment conspiracy to kill JFK.

  3. Looks like that LYING ass fool is going to take the true story to his grave. Yeah right I'm gonna believe that a secret service agent decides on his own that he is going to lunch while in the most crucial stage of the ride. This is how dumb the government thinks we are. They have so much faith that their school system has produced nothing but morons that they feed us bullshit like this and we're supposed to be like, Oh he was going to lunch well then that explains everything. Fuck you dude, we are not stupid but you sir are a evil scumbag devil worshiping LIAR and as long as you keep covering for these murderers you will burn in hell.

  4. The trouble is with things like this is that we're assuming that this was the only day some one was out with a gun in the hope of shooting the president. May be every time the president of America is out at a public event some loon is waiting some where with a gun and may be it was just this one time a little lax in the usual security arrangements meant that that loon that was out with a gun got a clear shot.

  5. Worlds greatest con is our current understanding of world history. Only through learning true world history can you begin to understand events such as the JFK, 911, etc….

  6. You guys are idiots.. There is no hand signal he is simply stepping into the vehicle, the agent walking away was to go back to Air Force one and is simply joking with the guys saying fine I'll just go for lunch. JFK was accidentally shot by his own agent in the following vehicle. The agent admitted it in an interview. The secret service covered it up because they were simply embarrassed. Do some research you dummy

  7. well of course I am no expert on any of these things and yes I've read countless books that say they know what really happened. As far as I'm concerned the body movements of Agent Lawton show's he is surprised at being told to stand down, he obviously hears someone in tge second car calling out to him, turns and responds surprised by shrugging his shoulders. I wonder what he thought when he shortly after heard the shots ring out? As far as I'm concerned, JFK was shot from the front in the throat, this shot also wounding Governor John Connelly as they both reacted at the exact same time, then the kill shot came from the grassy know which explains the right side entry wound to his head (film shows this) Kennedy falls to his left and Parkland Memorial doctors recorded this entry wound from his right side. Another bullet? Well that might be the first fired and missed which hit the concrete gutter before the other shots. And let's not forget the deaf mute guy standing on the overpass in an elevated position who looked to his left and saw a man with a rifle calmly walking from the picket fence on the grassy knoll and dismantled a rifle. Let's hope the truth comes out finally before we all kick the bucket. Take care all. My mum was 6 months pregnant with me when she was washing clothes at home and heard the News Flash over the radio. Aaron from Australia.

  8. Clint Hill said in 2013, that the Secret Agent, that was ordered to stand down said with a smile: Ok, while you are working, I will go back and eat my dinner.

  9. I wonder still, why the agent wanted to go with JFK, if he had another job that day. I do not believe Clint Hill !!

  10. Never in human history would a person shrug their shoulders to say, "goodbye, have a nice lunch." You have to be an absolute fool to think that's what going on in this video

    Clint Hill is the biggest scumbag to ever work for the Secret Service. I hope LBJ and whoever else was involved are rotting in hell!

  11. poor conspiracy nutters, This monkey level species wastes a large portion of their lives & can be id by those having no job& claim to know "the real story" before they finish hearing story.

  12. This is the key, whoever shot JFK had the authority to tell SS to stand down.  Jackie climbs back over the car to retrieve JFK's pieces & beg the SS agent for help.

  13. I never seen anyone throw up their arms that demonstratively over lunch! But you can't blame them for this line given the long line of dead witness after the shooting; probably every Secret Service Agent either feared for his safety or that of his family.

  14. Years of debate and bitter arguments when all the proof you need that this was carried out by elements within the US government/military/CIA is this one simple clip. We shouldn't even need to go into the magic bullet trajectories. Amazing and scary to see the amount of dullards out there still defending the official story nonsense.

  15. If I remember right…the term 'conspiracy theorist' was invented by the CIA in order to label anyone who questioned the assassination a 'nutter'

  16. Regardless, even if that weak story were true it doesn't explain why they didn't put anyone on the back of the vehicle. Instead the car drives away with 6 secret service guys sitting in their own vehicle and no one on the back of Kennedy's car.

  17. I agree there was a stand down…. I am sure they will say it was so the crowd could get a better view

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