JFK Assassination Anniversary And Conspiracies

“President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, struck by two bullets — one in the head, one in the neck — while riding in an open-topped limo …




  1. Are news releases any different today? When media sites are running over each other trying to get the story first and then mis-reporting information or publishing incorrect facts, I say not.

  2. Cenk, the problem with having more and more information (cell phones taping an event from every conceivable angle, more news coverage than ever before, etc) is that having more facts concerning an event doesn't always lead to a better understanding of that event's truth. Often it's information overload which better misinforms than concealing the facts ever could.

  3. It wasn't hope that died,.. man that guy ( The Host ) is so off. It was the goodness of and the good spirit of America, since before and after War World 2, that died. Yea it was hope for change ( note : Original ) for the betterment for the peoples who were not well off and well to do in their white picket fence suburbs.. and now the places that are not well off, don't want anything good, hopefull, or change

  4. Cenk at 09:21: "the day the bad guys won". WTF is that supposed to mean? Like the Military Industrial Complex along with the CIA and the Secret Service (with the help of the Dallas Police, the FBI, Clay Shaw and those evil Texas Oilmen) were behind it all. Yeah sure!

  5. Cenk at 13:14. Like right-wing talk radio, everything with this guy is liberal vs. conservative. The kennedy conspiracy debate has nothing to do with that (unless you want to bring into the discussion that Oswald was a commie). The kennedy conspiracy debate is utter bullshit – Oswald acted alone. If kennedy was assassinated under the same circumstances but the assassin was some southern right-wing wacko racist, Cenk would wholeheartedly reject all these conspiracy theories.

  6. JFK may have gotten next to nothing done in office. But in some rare instances you don't need anything. The promise itself is enough. JFK was most definitely one of those rare instances.

  7. Gotta love the subtitles on this.  I think the understatement of the century is "Alex Jones is a little kooky".  Too bad Cenk falls int the CTer trap.  Not sure what planet these dudes are from though where "nothing bad has ever happened to the country, it's unbelievable for an American to get shot", etc.

  8. "A Little piece of hope died that day" Man isn't that pathetic that people hold onto their idols to feel like they have power in this world?  The civil rights movement wasn't won by MLK, the indian independence movement was not won by Gandhi, the New Deal was not created by FDR it was pushed by the people, that's thet history that governments and government lap dog historians dontw ant you to think about that it was the people power that pushed for positive change stop looking for leaders and start organizing under ideas.

  9. Actually there were many videos of it and they were all confiscated or there cameras were broken on the spot. Zapruter was actually involved in the government and that video has been extremely edited

  10. Why are people so obsessed with JFK, he wasn't really that great either, he didn't do that much.
    Plus, his father literally bought the election for him, read about Sam Giamcana.

  11. Why are there legit conspiracy theories? Because JFK pissed off a lot of the establishment, who thought he would be their boy and do their bidding – but he went after every single one of them. There were a lot of people in November 1963 with a motive for wanting JFK out of the picture. And that doesn't include all the weird coincidences/screwups during the investigation. As well, expert marksmen have tried and failed to duplicate Oswald's shooting and even with one of the crappiest guns on earth, LHO pulled it off in that short time against a moving target? Something doesn't fit.

  12. Assuming half of Criss Angel's stunts are legit illusions that aren't TV tricks, if that guy can make something appear real, I'm pretty sure cell phones aren't going to help you.

  13. It was a simple case of the wrong guy at the right time at the right place. No time to coordinate multiple people for this. Oswald was nothing but a wannabe. He probably found out that the motorcade would be driving by his work a day or two before so took his opportunity. Could there have been others involved? Yeah sure it's possible but not likely. But one thing I have no doubt with and that is Oswald is the only one who shot and killed Kennedy because the ballistic forensics support it. From where he sat and with a scope , any numb skull could have pulled that off as the farthest shot (3rd) was less than 85 yards and straight away. Almost like shooting fish in a barrel. What the controversy was over was because so many "experts" back then probably never shot a gun in their lives( Warren Commision demonstrated that) and didn't know the difference between a soft point bullet and a full metal jacket and the performance differences on soft tissue. Had Kennedy been hit with a soft point , there would never have been a need for a third shot because his neck and chest would have exploded from the hydrostatic shock of a mushrooming projectile. Guy on the Grassy Knoll? Could have been there but he had nothing to do with killing Kennedy because the angles would never match up

  14. it's so gross how they are using assassination to push a liberal agenda. A death is a death, and there will always be people who will regret the loss, even of a criminal, however few.

  15. The only way more information was "possibly" accessible was by scanning the radio and TV dial, or going Short Wave… unfortunately I had a dental appointment… I heard he had been shot, and it wasn't until I got out and people were talking about it that I found out he was dead… shock and horror was an understatement… after the previous year, and the Cuban Missile Crisis, we on hair trigger for news of WWIII

    Wish I could have a talk with John… btw, I'm Canadian…it was shock around the world…

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