Jar Jar is a SITH LORD?! | Star Wars Conspiracy Theories – TheJongasm

Jar Jar is MORE EVIL than anyone knew! In fact, he may be the ULTIMATE bad guy in the Star Wars Universe. Listen to this theory that makes way too much …




  1. Look… I'm just gonna say that Jar Jar Binns as a character is one that genuinely clumsy and is used as comic relief even though he isn't that memorable or likeable for that matter and if he is really Snorke or another Darth Sith I'm just gonna think that Star Wars or Disney is idiotic to make me believe that I'm gonna take Jar Jar Binks seriously #_#

  2. Honestly, I don't know why people hate Jar Jar so much, I mean, he is dumb but he wasn't that bad. He was semi amusing at least. But I love this theory, it is really amazing.

  3. probably one of the best thought out and precisely worded theories I've heard… EVER! love it and thought that something was off with JarJar a long time ago

  4. Yeah, due to "fans" backlash over Jar-Jar, Lucas had to ditch that idea and introduced Count Dooku with no backstory. Jar-Jar had to have served a bigger purpose because he was too stupid to be taken seriously which is great cover.

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