James O’Brien Takes On A Conspiracy Theorist Who Gets Her News From Ukip And YouTube

James O’Brien Takes On A Conspiracy Theorist Who Gets Her News From Ukip And YouTube. This conspiracy theorist caller told James O’Brien that she doesn’t believe that Russia is to blame for…




  1. I get my news from YouTube. Further down this page, I am told by Keith Locke that O'Brien is a "cuck". Don't really know what that is, but it's on YouTube and therefore most probably right. I think I'll google "cuck".
    "The problematic history of the alt-right’s favorite new insult.
    If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few months, chances are you’ve come across “cuck,” a word that you’d previously only seen while your browser was in Incognito Mode.
    Its literal meaning references a submissive man sexually cuckolded by a woman. Now, it is a catch-all among the alt-right, in the dark corners of the internet where #feminismisacancer hashtags are a badge of pride and the real enemy is PC culture, where “cuck” has become shorthand for any perceived weakness, or rather, perceived reluctance to exploit strength."

    So O'Brien is weak and reluctant to exploit strength? And Keith Locke is an angry white man? Nope, none the wiser really.

  2. Welcome to the world of For Britain. Its like ukip but with less credit. Ask any specific question and I do mean any and the response will be an emotive one. Each one of them that has claimed "life experience" as a reason are from Ingurlands green and pleasant lands. Had nobody at school that was non-white and has such a low opinion of themselves that they think people with no English or qualifications is taking their jobs. Just be honest its because they are racist. Kippers and for Britain all calling for Mogg to be PM should be ringing bells. The chap who is paid by Oiligarch`s to manage finances in UK?
    We should be talking about banking fraud and why we have a national broadcaster who refuses to question the government.
    We should be asking why have so many staff been moved between HSBC, BBC, BAE and the conservative party. Its full of holes and not one broadcaster has had the guts to push it, mentioned maybe but push…Never

  3. Are people like Kathy in large percentage in the UK? I'm skeptical of any future travel to whatever town she's from after listening to her drivel. My goodness, what has happened to that country!

  4. Good grief most of people these days get news from online sources. It’s ok for one reference but not another? Lefties will kill us all. Grow balls and tell it like it is pussies

  5. JESUS… And I'm atheist 99% of the time!!!
    Under what stone do you find this ??? Sex with this before being homo or hetero sex is bestiality for sure.
    Does not shut-up, but, say it "listen to people", the question is when??? between breaths??? And the scariest part is when it says "she is a mother"… that means, that already gave birth and reproduced.
    Go Brexiters!!! You are a beacon to humanity.

  6. LOOK AT HIS FACE!!!!!LOOK-AT-HIS-FACE!!!!how does this guy not blow his brains out?!?!? Having to talk with all these morons, all day long??? If that was me I'd be gathering their home adresses and either board them in their rooms or just put them.out of theri misery!!! These people are just useless carcasses, eating and shiting thier way throught life….My hat's off to you, O'Brien! You must be made out of steel, man…pure steel. And with donnie-the-fatass's tariffs, pure expensive steel, at that….

  7. This video is a good example of Mark Twain's dictum: " Never argue with stupid people. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience . "

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