Is The New Age Movement an Illuminati Conspiracy? – Teal Swan

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  1. Sorry, I'm likely emotionally disconnected watching this video at double speed(bored and hunger of truth). But I'd say, we are waiting for the most valued prophecies embraced by ancient verified religions such as the "Final War"(Control vs Faith), and the moment of "Heaven or Hell Determination"/"Judgement Day". Dunno if that's universally entertained or by God.

  2. Is The New Age Movement an Illuminati Conspiracy ? – Teal Swan — You hit the nail right on the head when you have said that those who follow the New Age Movement get involved in a belief that serves them personally ! It is definitely true that the New Age Movement promotes individuality in the belief that one has personally ! All evidence shows that the New Age Movement promotes nothing but Humanism ! It is very obvious that those who follow the New Age Movement do not want to partake of a belief in God ! You are quite right in saying that the New Age Movement is not an Illuminati Conspiracy ! The problem that so many people have is their small education and that they do not know that both the New Age Movement as well as the Illuminati come from "Brahm" the single so called God of Hinduism ! It is well known that Hinduism is the teaching of all out Humanism ! It is definitely "Brahm" that is the source of the New Age Movement ! According to the scriptures of Hinduism "Brahm" sits at the top of the Three Worlds (Heavens) and governs everything within the Three Worlds (Heavens) which includes the Earth ! Almost every religion in the world worships "Brahm" although by different names ! "Brahm" is a Totalitarian so called God and it is "Brahm" that wants to create a government of Total Dictatorship over the entire Earth ! It is "Brahm" that is bringing about the New World Order of a One World New Age Government ! It is "Brahm" that is bringing about a One World Bible with a One World New Age Religion in which their will be a law created in which everyone throughout the world must partake of ! Under such a law their will be no Individuality and their will be no Freedom ! It is known that Freemasonry has already set the groundwork for this to come about ! It is also known that Freemasonry created Mormonism in a grand design of bringing about Utopianism upon the Earth ! NASA is a perfect example of this Utopianism on Earth ! All employees of NASA are Freemason or Mormon ! All of this is designed to eliminate all Freedom through eliminating the United States of America ! Instead we need to uphold the Freedom represented by the Red, White and Blue flag ! We do not need Hinduism and we do not need the New Age Movement ! We do not need Total Dictatorship ! Best Wishes — Joseph Stefurak

  3. Only trust your intuition. God is within you, not all this made up shit. I've been waiting on things like twin flames the 5d world, the only thing I got from it was I was being controlled by something I thought was the truth. The bible speaks about the wide road and the narrow rd. Only a few will find the narrow road that leads to life. Yes, There is a shift going on in the people, but it's from God and you. It's always been within you. God is simple. Trust me God is simple, God is love, just do the right thing. In the bible we are portrayed as little God's. Or under God, because we came here to learn. If anything is of confusion it's the devil or negative forces, However you wanna see it. Stop letting these fools dictate your life! They are an illusion you can't even see them. Whatever you speak comes to life. Whatever you feel and think comes to you. Eat some good food, start your own bussiness, take care of yourself and just be okay.. you don't turn a blind eye to someone because it might mess up your chakras or mental state? Get the fuck out of here. Go help somebody bro. What so we're supposed to wake up next week and see that we're in the 5d world and that we never could have helped ourselves before? You have to earn it, and it doesn't come from being blind. God said read the bible , I have studied many religions and they all come back to love, the truth. If it's darkness well, you're reading the wrong book. Believe what you want but you've been warned.

  4. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. –

  5. Satan knew that the coming Debt Cancelling Jubilee would take down the banker gangsters. He wanted to replace the banking conspiracy with another conspiracy to lie again to us all.

  6. My only complaint about this video right now is that ad at the beginning, which says at the end, “we will not reward procrastinators“. (up until that point I had serious interest in that ad)This is just another one of those high-pressure “but you must act now” ads. I was so TOTALLY turned off by that ad!

  7. Yes, because Everytime you are addressing the fAmily of light you're ego is overwridden with a darkness that is not your fault but a sad people's grin. I can see they are obnoxious and in mockery of others painful truths. I and two of my sister's were raped and that spirit of mockery and delight in others pain and confusion(malevolent govmt) baffles my family into just acting like it didn't happen. I think everyday what can I do to save you from your hospice experience being manipulated that you end up with others that don't know what conscience and time are
    Conscience is our time we are not giving energy to perpetrators. I need prayers for hospice. I will not entertain their attention on seeing if they can have power in their next life over rape victims…like we are a TV malevolence can inherit for their own purposes. We would never hurt them back. I'm sorry, this hurts how my prayers may not do a thing.

  8. I saw you some years ago. I believe you know more than most do. Why? That I do not know. Because you are beautiful? You are, but that is not why I believe this. Instead it is because I see it. I hear your words. Which are very important no matter how attractive the speaker is. The spoken word has power. I hear you ,Teal! 💓 ! Now, what will I do with it? This knowledge? I have known for awhile and have done nothing. I see it all and yet I am the one looking in. I must be missing something! What is it? What is the key? I have heard of the key from scriptures. But never found it. At least not yet. Still searching. Still!

  9. "Anyone who propagates paranoia is not in line with the New Age Movement." ..Woman, I am speechless. So basically anybody who questions anything (like their evil, lying, murdering government) is not fit for your New World Order religion. That pretty much the gyst of it, you sneaky makeup-covered serpent?

  10. You sound like a mindless monkey puppet reading off a teleprompter. Like on CNN!!! No different from those lying puppets. This video is so SCRIPTED.

  11. New Agers love to think they have the answers just like the idiots in all other religions that they look down on. You are no different. You just have your set of bullshit you carry around with pride. Zero difference you just tell yourself it is.

  12. GOD is love..
    Dont you wanna be loved?
    PLEASE dont listen the lies from useless SPIRITUAL teachers..
    GOD HEALED ME from 13 years of depression…

  13. Anything that steers you towards Angels, God, ascended masters etc is Demiurgic and ultimately a trap. Three of the best things I have ever done are buying a water distiller, using holosync and doing soul contract revocations on a daily basis. The Demiurge/Archons are criminal beings end of story!! Their very existence is a criminal enterprise for which they shall ALL be held criminally accountable along with anyone who has played a part in their agenda knowingly or otherwise and it is, for this reason, a great idea to sever all ties and state, loud and clear where you stand in all of this as I strongly feel the music is about to stop.

  14. I came to a conclusion nearly a one year ago that god must be found within before he can be found any where and when he is within then he is every where and can be of great benefit to the whole world

  15. 100%
    the Illuminati is controlled by witchcraft / demonology. I discovered Satan's not so secret society while playing darts in the Sacramento Darting Associations. I discovered many of them where Satanist and I started talking about them. This is when the Illuminati satanic m/afia first manifested itself to me. Watch Fake truth movement exposed 1-12. I was soon terrorized by drug cartels and biker gangs. Then I was to learn they are in all walks of life and are spiritual slaves through a unholy baptism / Kundalini. This satanic mafia has distributed occult paraphernalia into society in the form games and or practices, and by peoples participation in said practices are falling into spiritual bondage. They may not realize it for quite some time.
    I was seduced and forced to go through a esoteric initiation performed through altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft / demonology. I was torched through methods of high level witchcraft / Demonology until I consented to go through said initiation. The methods of torture included mind control / manipulation, irregular heart palpitations, powerful visions, herky jerky's my muscles would twitch uncontrollably, sleep deprivation, people would enter my dreams, they would zap me hard with what felt like spiritual sand, and many other forms… In said state I was instructed to accept the worship of one of the New World Orders many "g"ods. They said that in accepting one of there demons I accepted them all. One of there many demons they called Jesus but they seemed to have one for every occasion. What better way to join all religions of the world together under one banner of Sick Sick Sick spiritually enslaving society into a underworld satanic mafia, Revelation 13:10. David Spengler and Barbra Marxs Hubbard explain what I'm talking about, to their own demise. They say they want to Kill anyone who doesn't conform, and by God they mean it.
    This organization is pure Evil!!! Have you received your spiritual stamp of acceptance? Did you take it on the forehead and become a slave, or on the right hand and a servant of the most Evil One? Have you received the Universal mind state which Benjamin Cream says you will attain and hear ancient wisdom telepathically from ascended Masters? What they are is mind controlled slaves of evil who perform their Masters biding.
    Jesus told us what to do, He states that those who overcame overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the WORD of their testimony!!! Expose evil for what it is!!! He also says that humans will reap what they sews! this satanic m/afia is in store for a rude awakening! I truly believe the Angels in Heaven will have to stretch the souls of these slaves of Satan to fit in all the pains they have caused humanity!!!
    What do you get when you put the Illuminati "Free" m/asons and associates, m/afia and associates, & New Age m/ovement and associated witchcraft cults together? Do you get a sick sick sick family reunion and fuel for the fire? Magic art is the precursor to transcendental meditation.

  16. …came here by accident but my response is…HELL YEAH AND THIS CHANNEL IS PART OF IT…THIS IS A M-A-N…A TRANSVESTITE…asshole!

  17. I would like to argue that shintoism, despite its vagueness of definition, in its core does not reject christian teaching, it conveys undogmatic ideas of inclusiveness and freedom of belief. Shintoism has been remodeled according to the idea of christian monotheism in the 19th century in order to serve as a emperor centered worship system that can foster secular, nationalistic ideas. It may be claimed that many japanese people have lost sight of the Shinto core meaning. However today, It is curious to observe that shintoism seems to integrate the discourse of the new age movement into its own indigenous tradition, and somewhat rediscover its own meaning thanks to the western influenced spirituality boom. I think of new age, although oftentimes used pejoratively, as a global new spiritual paradigm, rather than movement, which transcends religions, and helps world religons to reconsider their core meanings, pointing perhaps generally towards a direction of meta-religions.

  18. Yes it is, read the works of Blavatsky, Bailey, Beasant and others from the theosophical society. These people led the foundations of the new age movement, they were high level Freemasons and satanists.

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