Is The Moon A Hologram?

Conspiracy theorists have often stated that the moon landings were faked. But a select few take it further and are that the moon itself could be fake and simply a …




  1. They guy is British. Of course he thinks this shit.
    'MURICA FOR LIFE!!11!1!
    Land of the… free? And home of rap and deep fried Twinkies.

    Yes, this is a joke.

  2. This is it……
    1.The earth is flat
    2.The sun is white
    3.The moon is made of cheese
    4. There is no such thing as gravity
    5. When you see a ufo footage: Alien Rule #1 : It's never aliens

  3. I need some moon cheese to go with my bologna sandwich, oh fuck fuck wait. You mean it's not made from cheese and it is really just a hologram. Where is the picture being beamed from? Aww shucks, I guess I'll have to eat my sandwich minus the cheese.

  4. The tides are a good counter, but that requires physics and not everyone is equipped with that knowledge. The predating of lunar references to holographic technology is better. The easiest defense in my opinion is an eclipse like the one we just had yesterday. You can project light onto dark, as in a beam of light cutting through a dark room landing on a movie theater screen on a wall. The only way to project dark onto light is disturbance of light by solidity, as in hands before a lamp casting shadow puppets. You can not project light onto light. If the moon were a hologram, the eclipse could never takes place. The imposition of light onto light is not distinguishable. Shine a flash light directly on a campfire. It has to at least be believable to be fun.

  5. is the moon a basketball? yes, yes it is i can prove it a circle has 360 degrees half of 360 is 180, 360 plus 180 is 540, 540 divided by 4 is 135 2 x 135 is 270, see basketball i proved it 270 is the magic number

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