Is The Government Hiding Planet X?

Is The Government Hiding Planet X? In 1983, scientists observed a mysterious planet-sized object at the edge of our solar system. Was it the long sought-for …




  1. I belive planet x was an asteriod that hit earth 13,000 years ago. Set us back thousands of years, i dont belive we was at the point we are now but maybe late bc era.

  2. probably it will strike October13th 2017, or good Friday 2017, whatever the third secret of Fatima says, which was supposed to be revealed to the public in 1960.

  3. Is it possible that this is a wandering black hole? We know little about them and they don't emit light not if they aren't taking in matter. It might be a small black hole with no matter surrounding it yet it's gravitational influence it being felt across the solar system. A planet would most likely have been seen as it's matter. Anyone comment on this?

  4. Your commentary displays a complete lack of understanding of the laws of physics. Did you really think you can invent your own version of "pseudoscience". You are either an attention grabbing fucktard or you have stopped taking your psychiatric medications.
    What absolute dross. You have to be a stupid US citizen. The land of retards.

  5. Gravitational models indicate there is (or at least WAS) another planet in our solar system. Any Nibiru d-bag is a moron. I've heard too many doomsday a-holes pick specific dates with absolute certainty and then revise their dates after they pass. November 2017 guys, i swear its coming this time.

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  7. If this planet was actually heading towards earth a cover up wouldn't matter and the governments will have absolutely no reason to cover it up because:
    A) Needless to say, if this planet was on a collision course we will all die, no exceptions, so covering this up is not going to do anything.
    B)We would be able to see this planet a while before it hits us, so again, a cover up won't benefit anyone nor make any difference.

  8. The notion of a NASA cover up is rank speculation, not even a theory. Such nonsense only fuels the fertile imaginations of masses of rude savages that largely comprise the human race. Why publish this bullshit? Don't you feel any responsibility for misleading idiots who already are clueless?

  9. You always know that when the question is NASA hiding something comes up, nonsense has taken over. Is NASA hiding Texas? Probably not, but it is far too big to see all at once, so could they just be hiding the parts you cannot actually see at the moment? There we have the answer! When you move around they come and mysteriously hide the bits you can't see any more.

  10. if you knew anything about this planet you would know that  the Star of Bethlehem was Nibiru. it's Cycles on a 3600 your cycle. 3600 years from year one is?

  11. I'm guessing you all haven't been keeping up with the conspiracy folks, There is the one with a CLOAKING SHIELD!, then there is the one with Hologram projectors, oh and my favorite mind altering drugs spread through commercial aircraft and contrails also know by the tinfoil hat & flat Earther crowd as Chemtrails!!! ROFLMBO! These people are warped!!!

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