Is The Earth Really Flat?

Is The Earth Really Flat? The Flat Earth Society is growing with new members every year. They argue that the world we live in isn’t really a sphere in space, but a flat disc orbited by the…




  1. OK FE morons, you have demonstrated conclusively that you are lying and/or totally ignorant about the FE.  So the SpaceX launch and subsequent pictures of the globe earth and put the final 100 nails in the FE coffin.  So why not get an education and join modern society?

  2. Ive noticed a pattern to your videos, sir. You dont provide equilibrium, or a structured balanced argument. You seem to begin from a debunking standpoint, and use the very worst arguments you can find In reference to the stated conspiracy, and then easily crush those weak arguments with accepted scientific knowledge. My point Is, why not research a little more and provide much stronger theories & arguments In regard to the conspiracy? Your videos would be awesome If you retained an open mind and allowed your viewers to decide for themselves.

  3. The question is are people really stupid enough to believe the the earth is flat? Yes, they are. It's prolly because they had parents that hated them, and they can not deal with reality. They only believe in the land of let's pretend.

  4. Say, did you see the launch of SpaceX and the subsequent pictures of the globe earth?  Wow, too bad for you braindead FEers.  LMAO.

  5. hmmm…..WOW…. Earth is Flat. YAY!!! but wait… what if there was a storm and the wind reached the edge of the plate what will be stopping it from traveling to our neighbor MARS for instance? ! if earth was flat i hope it won't be flat foot !!! grrr.

  6. I would say it's shaped like a donut with entrances to hollow earth. That makes more sense than flat. But, also u can literally see a spherical moon, sun and other planets with ur own eyes no nasa involved soooo…..

  7. If a flat earther mentions god, the bible or any religion for that matter then I am in a church, its not sunday aand I'm an athiest, so good-bye AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE

  8. Hey, if my ass can be flat than so can the Earth. If girls can be boys and vice versa as all the liberals and media say, it must be true!

  9. Contrary to what flat earthers say the Bible verse that talks about the circle of the earth when looking at the original hebrew actually says sphere.. I'm a Christian and I believe in a globe my wife also a Christian is on the flat side of the argument. Although she believes that the mass of land we stand on is a flat plane and the planet itself is spherical. I guess that's a slightly better explanation than us being on a plate with a bowl on top of it.. But I still go by the spherical side of it.

  10. So where do the Moon go for the rest of the month….Bearing in mind that in this model both face each other and revolve around a disc, how can you ever have a crescent moon or a full or New moon because it changes constantly within the month as your position on Earth moves relative to the tidal locked Moon. If this model was right you get the same shaped moon everyday for the same point on earth. Also how do people explain the moon being visible at the same time as the Sun during the day does the sun run around the disc at a faster rate than the moon?

  11. we as free-thinkers turn a blind-eye on many religious theologies but surely flat earth is a step too far. i mean, vulnerable peoples lives are being affected by this.

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