Is The Earth Flat? | The Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

Is the Earth flat? The flat Earth conspiracy theory. Is the Earth flat? The flat earth model contends that the Earth exists on a giant, flat plane, with the Arctic or North …




  1. The earth has had such a huge mass that it is scientifically impossible for it not to be spherical. It's just basic physics…

  2. If you stand on the summit of Everest, you can see the curvature of the Earth. In addition, the laws of physics state that anything with a mass bigger than X will be spherical and therefore the Earth must be.

  3. The international space station is fake so many green screen glitches people becoming transparent and a video on George Bush Senior being pushed around in a wheel chair at nasa and in the background they accidentally filmed the crew on the ISS with a green screen on acting like they are in earth orbit.

  4. Okay. Then, how come if I get in a plane and keep going east, I end up in the same place where I started. Where are the edges? How come we've never seen the edges? This is entirely fucking bullshit, no matter how many psychedelics you do. Believe me, I've tried.

  5. A good thing sir how are ships boats and other stuff are kinda sinking how you going to power through that? Also how can you not see Mount Everest while you are in the North Coast of India? I respect your opinion but I am just saying that the Earth is not flat.

  6. This morning while out walking my dog before sunrise. A airplane was over head in the clear skies, 30,000 feet. It was illuminated in sunshine but the land around me wasn't in sunshine yet. 20 mins later when I got home the sun still had rose above the horizon.

  7. could we please get one video like this without keyboards held down in one morphing sound effect chord for the duration. content is great, stfu with the synth

    edit* i can't concentrate on a fucking thing over that sound, and dude has a great voice, this is a great presentation, and it's newer information, but it sounds like "drink this reeeeeed drink….so0o0 soo00othing….join us in the liiiiiiiiiiight"

  8. Earth really flat ….? Hihihi ,. whoever thinks or says so should 1st launch a space mission before tabling their amateur arguments.

  9. How to destroy the idiocy of Flat Earth claims:

    Flat Earther: The Earth is flat.

    Average Joe: Oh, really? What makes you think that?

    Flat Earther: Just look at all the evidence! (proceeds to spout off the so- called "evidence" they watched on YouTube videos and shit) Blah blah blah blah blah…nonsense, nonsense, more nonsense, blah blah blah.

    Average Joe: Okay. That's all neat and shit…but can I ask you a question?

    Flat Earther: Sure.

    Average Joe: Do you believe there are lots of other people in the world who believe the same nonsensical bullshit that you believe?

    Flat Earther: Well, first of all, it's not nonsense! But yes, of course! There is large percentage of the human population who believe…no…KNOWS that the Earth is flat!!

    Average Joe: Okay. I don't doubt you on that point. So, here's my proposal. If there are so many of you Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists (FECTs), why don't you all get together, combine your efforts and whatever money you can, and go on a worldy expedition? I mean, coming up with the funds shouldn't be that difficult with so many of you, right? Get some boats together, some compasses, and some cameras. And then, select the "most qualified" of the FUCT…ahem…I mean FECT group, and take your boats to the edges of the Earth, snap some photos, mark your little flat Earth maps, and then get back to us. Cool? Us regular folk will be here waiting for your triumphant return.


  10. I have a question for flat earth believers. Is Earth the only planet that is flat? Is the sun flat also? Is our moon also flat? I'm being serious and am very curious on what flat earth believers think.

  11. Ok if the Earth is Flat wouldn't the Water just fall away like a waterfall and by this time we wouldn't have any Water if it Was Really Flat so explain that all you (FLAT EARTHERS)?¿?¿?¿ So Ha

  12. Well I took my telescope to the beach and watched a cargo ship disappear from the ships hull to the top of the ship. So yes the world is in FACT ROUND!!!! My telescope also shows PLANETS!!! I've seen that Venus has phases like our moon. Will never see a full Venus unless we can figure away to look through the Sun. I've seen Mars and even seen ice caps. I've seen Jupiter and 5 moons that go around Jupiter. Then I saw Saturn. I saw the rings and possibly my favorite object I've ever seen with my telescope. And just incase you want to know what kind of telescope. I have a 12" Mead refractor.
    Now that being said. Good luck proving to people that have any idea how the Solar System works, that the world is flat.

  13. Flat earth people are retarded. Ask yourself. Why would NASA lie? For what resone? What's the motivation? There is nothing to hide! It's just facts. Face it. If you think you can see the curvature of the earth by standing on the beach you clearly don't understand how huge the earth is. You are nothing but a spec on earth. anyways… so stupid… lol

  14. If you took higher level physics in your pre u or uni you'll learn about the gravitational field of a sphere/circular motion. There's a reason why you weigh less at the equator than North and South poles. If the earth was really flat then gravity constant would not change at all across the plane. But since Earth isn't really a perfect sphere there are bound to be some spots less attracted by gravity. At the equator you are experiencing the maximum centrifugal force acting on you due to you having a great centripetal force towards centre of the earth that's why you'll feel lighter. Which centripetal force = mrw^2 where w is the angular speed of circular motion. From the formula of gravity = GMm/r^2. Longer the radius from centre of the earth, weaker your g. At the poles you are closer to the centre of earth since it's slightly flatter but experience lesser centrifugal force and lesser centripetal force. Therefore your g would also be stronger. But the weight difference you see on the weighing scale isn't so significant but it's there

  15. Okay, take a trip, two or three. You have to cross the Atlantic to get to England and across the Eastern world to get to Australia, and across the Pacific to get to Los Angeles, and across the continent of North America to get to New York. What the hell are you talking about?

  16. We need to have compassion for people who believe the earth is flat. These people most likely have down syndrome and need to be cared for. Instead of making fun of them have a heart, it's obvious they aren't working with full mental capacity. HAVE A HEART. They are "special" people, not retards. They do not have the mental capacity to understand mathematics, logic, physics, etc. So just let them believe whatever they want, it's not like any intelligent person would take them serious.

  17. OK if the flat earth theory is true does that mean the other planets in the solar system are flat as well? I really can't believe people take this serious.

  18. the theory really has no stable leg to stand on. without rotation our world would be non existent. The earth makes an orbit around the moon and sun. it takes days if not years for the sun to make a complete orbit around planet earth. meaning we'd go days or years without sunlight or warm temperatures. plus our seasons wouldn't be possible without the earth being a sphere. why would all the other plants be spheres? it makes zero sense.

  19. interesting theory.
    few questions….
    1- if IT was flat but as a round disk, photos from high up would look exactly as we see it right now.
    2- how come South pole is OFF limits? the only place on earth where ALL LEADERS agree not to own or explore, at the same time fighting over oil, etc
    3- NASA confirmed that all EARTH images are made using CGI
    4- photos from MOON??? watch fake moon landing
    5- people in space, with life FEEDS??? Most, if not ALL use harnesses and green screen, including virtual reality glasses, etc…

    and NO, i dont believe its flat, or round-sphere, whatever…. but wouldnt be surprised

  20. How is it that so many people do not realize that a scientific "theory" is not a guess. For something to be called a "scientific theory", it has to be proven to be true over and over, it can never fail. It is not some half-assed research with little investigation as some here seem convinced that is how it is. This is Middle School stuff people….

  21. what a joke..the only explaination for proving the earth is curved is "ships hulls dissappear over the horizon''?? thats it,thats the only proof? what a joke…we all know that ships do not dissapear over the horizon.with modern optic equiptment it clearly shows the ships are still there,not hidden by curve at all.they just vanish from view from our limited vision.with the right telescope they come right back into view.so,this being said,there is no proof at all of earths curve.so this video in fact proves flat earth once again,thanks

  22. i must truly praise you sir your videos are so well thought out you always give the other side it's chance and the way you discuss that neutral tone is so relaxing it more or less forces me to have a open mind a consider things evenly. The fact you don't call out or chastise either side is a great change from the close minded views of pretty much every other YouTuber and almost all commenters. Keep going strong sir and you'll have a viewer for good

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