Is President Obama Really Osama Bin Laden? (Conspiracy)

In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to a very stupid video claiming a conspiracy that Obama is really Osama Bin Laden. This video was pretty funny though.




  1. I know this seems unreal, but I said this the minute I saw Obama for the first time. There are soo many "stars" that portray 2-4 characters and they all laugh because they have pulled the wool over Americans eyes. You need to research this data and prove it wrong before laughing at what is one of the biggest, most disgusting displays of bait and switch I know of. He was a terrorist and to this day remains a terrorist.

  2. Wtf this is rediculous. Anyone ever heard in look alikes. N btw so what if the president are muslim. So what?? So muslims r like terrorist . Fyi isis r the terrorists not muslims

  3. this is an example of how far paranoia and stupidity can go together in america,have he ever thought to compare their voices,families,,life stories,languages,accents.this theory is just so hilariously awful

  4. all you proved is that you are thick as pigshit. This conspiracy theory here may not be true & you think people who entertain the notion that there may be something to it are dumb. Ironically you say "I don't believe in conspiracy theories" – which makes you dumb. Do you know what the word "conspiracy" means. What you are saying is that there never has been a conspiracy – which either makes you dumb or naive. Actually use your brain & look up the definition of "conspiracy" & have a think about things.

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