Is Earth Actually Flat?

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  1. How much r they paying u to keep up the perpetual lies? U r the poster child for what s wrong with the world..stop the madness retard

  2. People!!! Nobody knows a shit in here because nobody has been anywhere and in true reality nobody can be sure of anything because all can be faked….. You all are just voicing your opinion highly biased from years and years of indoctrination and I am in the same boat. Things look pretty dodge though with the Antarctic Treaty in place only on the Antarctic when humans blew the shit out of everything else in the past for as long as we can remember… Also the interview of Admiral Byrd that was sent there to explore and report with 20 ships including 2 aircraft carriers must give you some thoughts. It is not a definitive truth but GEEZ everything stinks like rotten eggs coming out from the arse of a dinosaur. A new land big like America past the Antarctica??? In which direction if the world has all been mapped? He was "THE" Admiral in charge of the all expedition and add some weight in what he is saying. We cannot just define him a lunatic or crazy right? What are your thoughts on this crazy video interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czW0iRJuH1A

  3. The earth is round. Because of gravity, everything is pulled toward the center of earth. Everything being pulled to the group makes people believe we are living on a flat plane.

  4. Dude i looked at all the photo's nasa has, none of it is real. It literally is GGI, what about video and photo evidence showing the astronauts using greenscreen, and film equipment on earth to film? What about the fact it's no pictures of satellites only drawings. I think you're the bullshitter here.

  5. The earth is not. Flat , it would be great if it was flat ,, we had people in space got a round the earth , why do 99.99% of men in maths and science think the is not flat ,

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