Is Donald Trump the Illuminati’s #1 Target for 2016? Says He’ll Reveal 9/11 Conspiracy as President

Donald Trump commented that if he was elected president, he would reveal who really knocked down the World Trade Centers. Like JFK’s cryptic speech on …




  1. I am Indian ,..You white Stupids Fight for Your Country…Protect Your POWERFUL LEADER "TRUMP"….If you miss this REAL HERO,you are the dumbest people in the world

  2. Trump is NOT a true Christian. He worships and follows the fake light "god" of this world, ie Lucifer. So does majority of the world. Trump seems to be giving the truth of what has happened, but he is hiding very important information. Make no mistake, he is part of the NWO plan and group. The evil always tries other ways to fool people. Eventually all who are unsaved will find themselves in the lake of fire. So he deceives also those who intentionally follow him. Wise to pledge allegiance to the devil? Not!!

  3. Even If Trump was to go (lets hope not) , Iam sure he has all the Truth set for the World to see, Iam sure he has it planed out and ready and have people ready to Reveal .

  4. the apprentice is owned by the group who allowed him to come to the office of chief executive of the USA And don't never forget that. No man or woman is above the office! ask Reagan, Kennedy, Lincoln?

  5. Donald Trump is definitely the one they wanted in office here and on the United Nations policy of depopulating immigrants that was on the news years ago

  6. And by 'revealing 9/11" He meant registering multiple businesses in Saudi Arabia in August 2015, and while president calling IRAN the #1 terrorist nation in the world.. And NOT adding Saudi Arabia to the travel ban list… Yep he's a REAL 9/11 Truther alright….

  7. I have my doubts about this and all. I dont really think Trump is a Anti-System guy, but i see something different to the rest in him. But im really sure we (sheep people) have an opportunity of salvation of slavery. I think there is a battle between World leaders, fighting for who control us, just that.

  8. we all gotta get behind Trump .i have watched him for many years .he is sted fast with all he has been saying for years. I am hopeing and believing the good is gonna prevail. the smoke and mirrors is what it is ..faith that he truly does care and is for the people. n it flat out lies to our face like the past presidents .remember its USA inc..fed reserve inc.nasa,Inc. and so on.heres one the great USA food and drug adminastration..what sounds wrong about that..wake up ..sheep the cliff is under your feet and the storm is here.

  9. People are still falling for the old paradigm: The two party system. Donald Trump has already backed down on his word that he would jail Hillary Clinton. They wanted Trump in all along. They demonized Hillary to the point where we all thought Trump was the only answer. Does this ring a bell with what went on during Obama vs. McCain? It's the same thing. For a new better age to come the old paradigm has to disappear. I can't stress this enough.

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