Is Danny Phantom Half DEAD?!? – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 120)

Danny Phantom! “Yo, Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine!” Now, we all know the intro song and love the show, …




  1. Butch confirmed on his youtube channel that ghosts arent dead in danny phantom, rather monsters from another dimension

  2. I believe Danny is the one who can cross between Life and Death, Danny is more of a Half Breed, Someone who is alive but can make "contact" with the dead.

    Or he was supposed to die by an electric shock, but at that moment the ghost molecules mixed with his DNA making him already "dead" thus making the electric shock a switch
    On- Human Danny(Alive)
    Off- Ghost Danny(Dead)

    So he's able to cross dimensions between the 2 worlds

  3. You who created the video ur Smart you know that right of course Danny is half Dead because he is a Half ghost Half Human he can’t have ghost powers if he were fully Alive -A.D.

  4. Where did you get this backstory info also that’s a lie Danny can do these powers without being in his ghost form -A.D.

  5. Nope, Butch Hartman has said in a video that he didn’t want these ghosts to be a representation of dead people. Look up videos of Butch talking about secrets and explanations of the ghost zone.

  6. heres a better theory: is danny phantom REALLY a hero? considering ghosts are dead souls of living beings often with sad origins and lingering regrets hes basically beating up poor unfortunte innocent souls

  7. so that' mean's you know how Danny Phenton can turn into Danny phantom then that means when he dies he will turn into Danny phantom permanently and never be able to change back

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