Is Avril Lavigne Actually Dead? (Avril/Melissa CRAZY Twitter Conspiracy Theory) With PROOF!!

In today’s video we will be talking about the whole “avril lavigne conspiracy theory” around “avril and melissa” Basically people think that “is avril lavigne dead?




  1. 7. And people get plastics surgeries to fix their "flaws". It's like saying Katy Perry got replaced 1000 times. Or saying that Miley Cirus died and got replaced. People change. Also maybe Avril sings while her look a like Melissa lip syncs her songs and acts in the music videos. She did her interviews for her. And it's normal to be a celeb and have a look a like.

  2. You guys are so fucking dumb !!!! she never died !!!! she still has the same teeth same lips …. i've never seen somebody in this whole fucking planet who is dead then got replaced !!!! who in the world would look like avril this much !!!! you are so stupid people please stop !!!! she grown up !!!! she was a teenager in 2002 do you want her to never grow up ??????? get a life people and use your fucking brain… if you have one

  3. Even though some like Avril Lavigne or Melissa I think she did get plastic surgery for some reason and named herself for something and we don't know what for she could be hiding something from the public.

  4. most people forget this fact but the human body always keeps growing and changing even if it is just a little bit in a few years you can see the difference

  5. People are so naive and gullible lol. The person who originally came out with this conspiracy theory admitted it was a hoax and just did it to prove that people would fall for and believe anything they see or hear from the internet or the media. And obviously he was correct lol. Stop being so stupid people and stop believing things from the Media or the internet. Use your brains and common sense. People change just look at old pics of yourself. As we get older our bodies tend to change and so does our judgement and our look on life. We become more mature and you have to understand that Avril was only in her teenage years when she first became famous and now she's an adult. So she couldn't stay what she called herself "a Rocker Chick" forever. And other then that musicians or artist like to explore and try new things instead of the same old stuff over and over again. It's called being creative. A perfect example is Michael Jackson. His sound has changed over the years. Just think about it would you keep the same style or try to grow as an artist and maybe in the process gain new fans ? And think of it this way wouldn't you get sick and tired or board doing the same old things over and over again or would you want to try something different ? This conspiracy theory has already been debunked.

  6. U know what's odd about this whole thing,how come theirs no more pics with the 2 of them together anymore??it would be the easiest way to truly debunk it,but oddly enough right in those yrs they say it happened when she comes back a few yrs later all of a sudden no more Melissa I guess??that to me is very weird cuz unlike a lot of other stars it was a we'll known fact that she hired this girl Melissa as her double but when her album in 07 came out with the new sound and image no more melissa??NO cuz Melissa is her now!!wow crazy,but I think it's true just because we all of a sudden don't see them together at all!!

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