INVESTIGATORS – Filmmaker obsessed with conspiracies killed himself, family

Apple Valley Police gave Fox 9 Investigator Tom Lyden an exclusive look at the recently completed, year-long investigation into a murder-suicide carried out by …




  1. Millions of people live in reality. Trillions are slaughtered in war and live horrific lives daily but yet still want to live.

  2. HOW could you report this as "news"? HAVE YOU EVEN READ ANYTHING FROM THE CASE????? We have PROOF using the Lab reports!!!! "The murder/suicide took place the day after Christmas." ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? HAVE YOU READ THE AUTOPSY REPORTS???? The bodies had NOT been in the house any longer than 10 DAYS before being "discovered". There are so many of David's "friends" that are not one ounce of trustworthy. David and Komel HAD NOT stopped talking to the family. THEY DID NOT change their phone number!!!! That was done by someone else. When they got new numbers, they called David's mother and spoke with her and had contact with at least her. His sister, Allison, tried her best to make it sound otherwise, and so did Sidrah. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING!!!!! PLEASE REPORT THE TRUTH!!!!! If you want to know what we have found and uncovered, please contact us. I have a YouTube channel. WATCH the videos. I've spoken with and interviewed Medical Examiners, and THEY had nothing to gain by repeating the story line that has found it's way to so many. Answer me this ONE question!!!! PLEASE!!!! HOW could David have killed himself and the bullet that he supposedly shot himself with be missing? Oh, the police will say Item 57 (the bullet fragment found in the attic ONE MONTH LATER BY SOMEONE WHO LIED ABOUT BEING THERE AND SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THERE) was the bullet that killed him. This same Item 57 that somehow – MIRACULOUSLY – was shot from right to left (the HUGE window was located to David's left), anyway, it is shot right to left through his head, then NOT hit the window, or the wall, or the bookcase, and then it does a COMPLETE 180 degree turn, and then shoot UPWARD into the ceiling…all without having ONE OUNCE of David's blood? Did you know there is NO blood on that bullet? The ONLY DNA they could find was David's nuclear DNA – more than likely from when he filled the magazine. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BLOOD from David's gunshot wound to be found. NOTHING! I could go on for hours typing all that was and is so wrong with this case. If you TRULY want to know what happened, then INVESTIGATE and don't just spew what you've been told to say. The narrative is ALL wrong!!!!!!!!!

  3. Figures this would air on a FOX affiliate F, O and X fall under the number 6 as in 666. Google "pythagorean alphabet" and look at the ONLY three letters that fall under the number 6. Before you cry bullshit know that Pythagoras was the first to say the Earth was Round.

  4. david would NEVER abandon his movie! Conspiracy theorist I'm NOT. I read the evidence. If David committed a "murder-suicide"….WHERE IS HIS HAND? WHY THE BLANKET UNDER KOMEL'S BODY AND OVER HIS FEET???

  5. Very sad. His own journals, videos, and the final interactions with friends very clearly reveal the extent of David Crowley (and his wife's) mental deterioration. Those who choose to believe otherwise are simply refusing to see the reality and truth.
    Journal entry read by his father during an interview:
    David Crowley: " The universe may want me to destroy Danny Mason since he has given indication that he wants to stand in my way. What a fool! Convert him to my cause or destroy him.His next actions will decide."
    David Crowley's father's response: "Sounds worse than it was, David being …(pause) …creative…(longer pause), I think."
    Wow, really?!?
    David Crowley also spoke in very grandiose terms about how his thoughts and ideas draw people to him. While this may have been true in limited terms for a limited time, it sounds like he developed an overinflated view of his own importance. His comments regarding his meeting with the film producers truly reveal his warped way of thinking.

  6. Funny how both guys that were purportedly Crowley's real friends and were interviewed for this fake news had the name Mason in their names (Danny August Mason/Mason Hendricks). Maybe nothing, maybe something.

  7. Biased journalism, fake news, incompetent law enforcement, extortion, conspiracy, cover up. All the ingredients spell out the entire family was murdered. Trust no one. We are not sheeple and DEMAND the TRUTH.

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