Internet Comment Etiquette: “Conspiracy Theories”

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  1. LOL this made me laugh so hard it made me beat my wife and knock me out of watching random youtube videos. I've been constantly backspacing while writing this until the grammar correction software on my windows 10 brain control machine believes I have typed something worthy of respect in hindsight I wish I didn't go on the internet at all hahaha fuck you this is an off brand video it looks like you emotionally confronted 10 years of overeating in your recent videos compared to this one where you look like any 90's celeb in big dress jackets like the band level 42. Make a video about delayed/hindsight comments in a new video instead of fucking around (mostly) after your H3H3 interview

  2. 6:10 Holy shit that's dark, and I love it. BTW hello from 2018! If I could suck one man's dick with my butthole it would be yours, but not in a gay way, just sexually. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. Don't believe this marsupial he's literally just making videos to end the reign of placental mammals. Fucking pouch person probably was born from a Cesarean so he thinks with a smooth brain. What a fucking koala.

  4. God when is Erik going to get his shit together and proofread his videos? Fucking cuts in and out and not just this video either.

  5. Alex Trebek : "The Answer is, "Down Loaded", "Down and Out", "Getting Down", "Going Down", "Are You Fucking Special?" Cum on Down", "Down on the Farm", "Down to Fuck", "Down Boy, Down", "Potato Mash","Hot Potato", "Special Sex Ed", "Take That Down" "Down and Out in Beverly Hills", and "Special Feeling""

    Contestant: " What are Down Syndrome Porn Titles?"

  6. jamie foxx can kill me anytime baby 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11v9/119/119/119/119/119/11v9/119/119/119/119/119/119/11

  7. I think I delivered Chinese food to this fuckin lunatic about a week or two ago. Looked eerily similar. Stuttered and almost dropped his coke.

  8. yo man you forgot about the coca cola organisation stealing the thumbs of homeless people with a teleportation beam on a satellite. all of the history of frost bite is a lie, its all been faked by the jews the coca cola corporation and the japanese, the japanese were wiped out by radiation poisoning after ww2 and america got serious backlash for that so 230 years in the future they create self replicating robots and use jewish time machines to add the robots just after the bombs detonate. thats why in japanese porno ther women squeak like that. its because they havent had their joints oiled since 1947
    also the jews went back in time and wiped out the dinosaurs with nuclear weapons as the ancestors of the dinosaurs actually evolved into humanoid all those egyptian hieroglyphs are true, they did have animal heads but they were more scaley and thats who moses freed the jews from, they were inslaved by reptilians but then the jews nuked the dinosaurs and they didnt exist so they faked it all just like the moonlanding.

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