Inside a Flat Earth convention, where nearly everyone believes Earth isn’t round

Many believers at the Flat Earth International Conference, an educational seminar about our planet, support a theory that Earth is flat.




  1. Not bashing flat earthers but iv seen venus in front of the sun through a telescope though, in 2011 when from the Midwest untied States when either mercury or venus i forgot which one passed between the earth and the sun. You could see it without a telescope but was so much cooler with one, it was really awesome to see and as little of a thing that is, it was really fascinating to me, seeing actual texture to the planet and seeing that it too was round… what did I see then if the earth is flat ?

  2. I wonder how many scientists believe the earth is flat. Also is America the only country with people who believe the earth is flat and that we have never been to the moon?

  3. They even MISLEAD the idea of religion.
    Don't quote from the Bible, Qur'an, Torah, any kind of religious book, if you're not even religious study scholars, come on.
    I for one believe in God and God tells us to go and discover and that's what we do and we found out the Earth is sphere. Period. The idea that science and religion can't go together is what makes people choose one belief/fact from another.

  4. This is how fucking stupid these morons are. They are using english, maths, science, instruments made by the same people that say the earth is round. They wouldn't even know how density, volume, distance, mass, gravity and all the other shit works if it wasn't told to them. So if they are lying about the earth being round, what make any of the test you do to prove the earth is flat right? If they are using all what have been brainwashed into you heads? They say don't believe everything you have been told, Then they go along and watch flat earth youtube videos (that dont have any real proof, just some dickhead showing pictures of a drawing of a flat earth) for a few hours and all of a sudden the earth is flat? fucking morons.

  5. I can never get an answer to my question. whats in it for anyone to lie to the world about the shape of it? whether its flat or round, theres no benefit to anyone. also, think of all the changes of power there has been in government,NASA or politicians…what are the odds that EVERYONE thru the decades just dutifully goes along with this particular lie? for what purpose? you know alot of times the heads of companies are arrogant people. they wouldnt take too kindly to someone coming to them and telling them they have to parrot a lie. most of these guys would be like F YOU. nobody tells ME what to believe.

  6. From Los Angeles, I had a flight to Zurich (I check my GPS I am going EAST the whole time). My GPS works because tested in a smaller space. Then from Zurich I did a flight to Japan (checking the GPS still going EAST the whole time). Then from there I had a flight to Los Angeles again (where I started), again going ONLY all the time EAST. This was a fact, not an opinion or a theory but a fact: The world is not flat. Period. Live with it.

  7. I hope the fact you think the world is Flat makes you feel better about being you, as opposed to us "Normal" weirdos. I mean I'm sure your family accepts your viewpoints and opinions or "facts" if you prefer.

    So go grab a earth full of cookies and some milk and do your thing. 🙂

  8. put that mofo in space, let his see reality then send hin into the sun.. he was and will be a waste of air and resources until we do it.. He will see the truth and go "oh whoops… too late"

  9. Well there’s no convincing these weirdos. Just take them up to space then bring them back. They’ll say the window was a digital screen 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🍆

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