Insane Conspiracy Theories Ted Cruz Actually Believes

“Cenk Uygur (http://www.twitter.com/cenkuygur) host of The Young Turks discusses the revelation of some pretty whack conspiracy theories Senator Ted Cruz believes. Believing in wild and wacky…




  1. hobbit holes? Who said this? This doesn't appear on his website anywhere. Agenda 21 is only mentioned in passing. What's with this?

  2. Recall the way Ted Cruz' eyebrows go up near his nose and slant down near his ears. Could that condition be caused by excessive self abuse? Notice that Ted squints a lot. Could that be another indicator? Maybe, a physician should check Ted's palms for hair growth. Ted's bottom line: he shouldn't think about politics while greasing his chicken.

  3. Turkeys you like The Burn? .. Take some penicillin it will clear that right up! Turkey wake up to immigrant problem and Islam idiot. 3/4 the of the Syrians are illiterate in their own language and you thrust them into a western culture and you are setting them up to fail and embrace radical Islam right here in this country. You are stupid and quite delusional you liberal commie! Quit yelling on your broadcast you sound really lame. What is this TYT ? Somehow I got subscribed to this wacko leftist garbage…

  4. “If, in 1974 Rafael’s American mother gave birth to him in Iran, sired by Ayatollah. So, after 40 years (2014) as an Iranian citizen, Rafael denounces his Iranian citizenship. Now, he wants to become America’s President! Is that what the founding Fathers were protecting against? Or did they require two American Parents who had allegiance to America?” Dr. Kerr, G.G.S., M.ED., M.T., ED.D., PH.D

  5. OK, so you may call me Islamophobic but I really try not to hate other people due to their beliefs. I find it impossible to have a friendly relationship with someone with absolute ideas and that's why I can never a close friend of a deeply religious person but the Islam is far worse than any kind of Christianity, just read the Quran and see what happens in Muslim countries. You can say that right now sharia law is not a problem in America because you don't have too many Muslims but wait until you have the problem of Europe and if they ever become a majority they will repeal all the liberal reforms that YOU like (you know, access to contraceptives, gay marriage, in vitro fertilization, abortion, euthanasia) they are FAR more conservative than Catholics.

  6. The guy in the video is obviously incensed about something, but I am not quite sure what? His shock and surprise at what he has learned is obvious, but is it really so surprising that Republican Senators running for the office of POTUS are either a bit unhinged and/or power crazy… ?? I mean, Ted Cruz is a Republican who thinks he knows how to run the country (world?). He is nothing more nor less than what I EXPECT him to be!!

  7. Except, I just watched a video the other day talking about our infrastructure…and they actually are UNPAVING THE ROADS.

  8. This is the oligarchs method to appeal to the poor generally under educated morons who are disposed to making up their own conspiracy shit as well as eating others conspiracy shit. Scare you morons to get you to vote for or support or obey you. Politics 101 since ancient times. Scare the idiot masses.

  9. Yeah u can laugh about Islamic law and the Sharia but go to Brussels or Marseilles or Paris or London or Luton etc etc and see if u are still laughing after. Or just read a book on the history of Islamic expansion into Europe and the levant and Africa.

  10. your hilarious i almost pissed myself laughing when you said to ted cruz that hes " a weirdo man" he really is a wacko, theres no way he will win the election, i am hoping for bernie or hillary the lesser of the two evils😈

  11. As a Brit I must say that Americas entire political system is simply insane. Cut defence spending, use that money to build a time machine, wind that fucker back to 1776 and start again.

  12. If you've ever heard Ted Cruz's father speak its not hard to understand why his son is just another branch on the holy crazy tree.

  13. this man is a Muslim terrorist
    wake up America
    turk is Arabic for : " rape American wemon" so basically the name of the show is
    "rape American wemon young"

  14. Cruz, Moore, Palin…TRUMP, you wonder how they could be so popular. What's worse, what do progressives have to stoop  in order to compete?

  15. Other billionaires dislike Soros because he is quite vocal about the institutional framework that allows their community to manipulate markets. Ted Cruz is a professional sycophant, ofcourse he is going to preach whatever nonsensical narrative his masters deem convenient. It's not like it's much of a challenge anyway. His audience has been so thoroughly and systematically indoctrinated over multiple generations, I am curious whether any distinct evolutionary patterns can be observed and attributed to the kind of artificial selection, the Cruz electorate has been subjected to. As far as marxism goes. There is a consensus among economists regarding the significance of marxist critique of capitalism. It is in no way controversial to state that marxian analysis of the capitalist mode of production produces many useful observations about the dynamics of value of formation and price setting. Ofcourse there exists a margin of divergence among educated opinion regarding which marxist assumptions are relevant and therefore which observations can produce reliable predictions. Such divergence of opinion exists in virtually all economic schools of thought and generally in every field which has a subjective basis of examination. I have no doubt that at one point or another there have been economists at Harvard that could be viewed as marxists, simply because marxism in it's most general form is a critique of capitalism and specifically the centralized decision making process that is characteristic of capitalist property relations. Holding the view that centralized economic force has destructive potential is an easily observable fact and therefore not controversial. It is however disturbing that there exists a subset of humans whose cultural identity is integrated with the idea of the infallible market.

  16. Raphael Cruz went to Harvard maybe he has been infiltrated. How did he get into Harvard I feel smarter than him, considering the stupid stuff he says. Maybe he is smarter than he acts.

  17. By 2040 california is not goi g to allow anthing but electric cars on the rd. The bill was just passed. And if you dont believe that the global agenada 21 is real go to the untied nations web page and search for united nations agenda 21. It has to do with sustainability. And recreational activies will be done away with. Its a book full of regulations or policies that will bring the world to sustainability.

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