Income Tax Conspiracies | CLASSIC

It’s no secret that income tax can be an unpopular subject, and most people think the tax code is far from perfect. But why do some people believe income tax …




  1. It's not the people with enough knowledge who don't have to pay taxes. It's the people with enough money who don't have to pay taxes…

  2. I know it aint the correct time to say this, but when i was a little kid some chips said they cost $1.00 and i just had a dollar in my pocket, i couldnt pay the 0.18cents for tax and i got all sad cuz i wanted my chips and went home sad, and i think they should not have taxes or at least not make them to high, now i pay $1.50 for those same potatoe chips

  3. "Any one may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the Treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes".
    – Learned Hand, US judge; Helvering v. Gregory
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  4. I don't like the word 'privileges' we should have rights, not privileges. its our privilege to have privacy and taxes. gone are the days of freedoms and rights.

  5. The 16th ratified or not is not the creation of the "income" tax. A tax on "federal income" is legal. See it easily explained on Losthorizons(dot)com

  6. They may have not ratified the 16th but a tax on federal "income" is legal since 1862. See it easily laid out on Losthorizons(dot)com

  7. If it ever comes to a point where I have to pay a substantial amount of income tax to the government, I have a solid case. Income tax is in violation to the 13th Amendment. If I pay income tax on labor, then I am essentially working for free. Since I am afforded no benefits from the tax, if I'm in an upper tax bracket in the future let's say, then I am a slave to the government. A predetermined amount of time will be spent working without any form of compensation. Since it is an amendment, then it overrules anything written in the original document in the Constitution. Giving congress the power to levy taxes was granted in 1792. The 13th Amendment was ratified in the late-middle 19th Century. Therefore, it is illegal to tax on income.

  8. a tax is fine, just wish i could get a list of where my money went. and taxing me more than once should be against the law. my pay check get taxed, then i get taxed on everything i buy, then i get taxed on things every year forever. 

  9. U made me realize a huge point that I never realized. People (government) don't get power from the people but by manipulating them by misinforming them. Or not informing them at all like us

  10. Our government uses our taxes to help pay the debt they owe to the federal reserve, which is NOT part of government, it is a PRIVATE corporation that the u.s. borrows money from

  11. Why did you not mention any of the events of 1913? ….Federal Reserve Act, 16th amendment? the fact that Woodrow Wilson confessed later in life to "unwittingly ruining my country"??????????????????

  12. Income tax was not ratified by the REQUIRED two thirds of states. In 1913 the most heinous crime in history took place on an island off the coast of SC. The currency printed by the Fed is not legal currency. It is bullshit. It amazes me that people have honored it this long. Hold on. It doesn't amaze me. When you have the biggest and most guns you get what you want. I will be watching in satisfaction when Jesus destroys those who committed and continue to commit this crime. Every damn person responsible for this IS a high ranking Freemason. The cats out of the bag and people are pissed. Hell is about to break loose because the only way left to continue enslaving the world is by absolute brute force. Lies won't work any more.

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