1. The Constitution was approved by God Himself and the founding fathers were Godly men, most of them most of the time anyway. There is no way they could have formed such a free society otherwise. "Ye shall know them by their fruits." The society was later infected by Illumitism but for a while it was indeed free

  2. Those desiring substantial evidence of the unfoldment of the Great Plan should follow the suggestion inscribed upon the monument to Christopher Wren in Saint Paul's Cathedral, and gaze about them. The rapid advancement in the social and political states of man, the increasing richness of human living, and the broadening vision toward individual and collective responsibility herald, with auroral colors, the rising [of the] sun of truth. There is much yet to be accomplished, but already the achievement is impressive. Even the most devout humanist cannot survey the orderly progress of the race and at the same time deny the existence of a well‐integrated program. The light of the ancient Vedas is slowly but surely illuminating the whole world. The vision of man's noble destiny and the sacred sciences which made possible the realization of that vision have been guarded and served by "the Silent Ones of the earth." The priesthoods of the sacerdotal colleges, the hierophants of the Mystery Schools, and the adept‐masters of the Secret Societies have been the guardians of man's noblest purpose ‐‐ the perfection of his own kind. It is the inalienable right of every honorable person to be grateful for the opportunities which progress bestows. With this appreciation comes also an appropriate measure of resolution. The past proves the future, which is but the extension of good works toward their fullness.
    The Mystery Schools neither restrained nor limited the unfoldment of human institutions. Man fashioned his civilization according to his natural instincts and convictions. [And] this process must continue, for growth is not hastened by the interference of authority. Man substantiates with his mind and heart that which he fashions with his hands. The esoteric tradition ensouls "the ordinary works," revealing the larger purposes through the smaller ones. Not so long ago, ninety percent of the population of the earth was in physical slavery. Having liberated his body, the audacious creature must now free his heart and mind. Thus, pressed on by a sovereign necessity, the world conqueror becomes the self‐conqueror.
    Under a democratic concept of living, the responsibilities for progress pass to the keeping of the people. The powers vested in the governing body functioning with the consent of the governed include not only provisions for collective security, but also the advancement of such religions, philosophers, arts, and sciences as contribute to the essential growth of human character. An administrative system which ignores ethics, culture, and morality cannot survive as a dominant political organism. Democratic institutions must accept the task for which they were fashioned and become the conscious custodians of the democratic destiny. Progress demands the most from those with the largest spheres of influence. Vast organizations, industrial, political, social, and educational, have been made possible by the modern life‐way. These have become the molders of public opinion, feared or respected according to the measure of integrity revealed in their management. The future of human society is intimately associated with the destinies of these vast enterprises which have inherited, along with physical success, the duty or, more correctly, the privilege of world guardianship. Even the continuance of the economic theory now demands the strengthening of ethical convictions. Prominence of any kind, whether bestowed by wealth or authority, carries with it priestly obligations. The leader, whatever be his field, is looked upon for intelligent guidance. His convictions inspire his followers, his words influence their lives, and his policies dominate their activities. There is every indication that the esoteric tradition will next function through that complex of vast interrelated organisms of production and distribution which now dominates human imagination. While this structure may appear to the superficial‐minded as heartless and soulless, it is also the largest and most powerful potential instrument for the advancement of mankind ever yet devised. Education, science, and economics are today indivisible. They have already formed a partnership for their mutual advancement. Equipped with knowledge, skill, and the necessary physical resources, this huge combine awaits the destiny for which it was intended. There is no virtue in burdening the future with the conclusions of today. To prophecy is to restrict, not the will of heaven, but the mind of man. Old principles, as they reveal more of themselves, will be given new names; and progress is always an adjustment of concepts, each of which is in a constant state of change. Assuming, however, that the term democracy, with its numerous imponderable overtones, conveys a conviction of natural unfoldment, it is reasonable to infer that the democratic motion will continue until all of its potentials have become potencies.

  3. Study the works of David Irving. Churchill was in the pay of the Chez Government from 1936 onwards as well as a shadowy organisation called “ The Focus”. The latter organisation was funded by certain Zionist interests. If anyone was involved in a secretive organisation it was he. Indeed when questioned by a reporter in 43’ he was asked if the allies were trying to bring Germany to peace talks. His response was “ Lord no! They would sue for peace.” The war in Europe could have been bought to an end by the end of 43’ with Germany in a very weak position. Indeed Hitler would most likely have been deposed by his generals. He knew fully that the war in the East was a lost cause; General Patton was strongly of the opinion that the western powers needed to use Germany in an alliance to defeat communist Russia. Both Churchill and Roosevelt were focused on destroying Germany..much of Irving’s work is well referenced, relying on declassified documents and original diaries of former German generals and Nazi party officials…not used in modern history books which fit a very narrow consensus based view of modern history. His work was widely acknowledged and acclaimed until he dug into issues such as the creation of the state of Israel. Bear in mind that between 1945 and 48, thousands of British soldiers were killed, kidnapped and maimed by Zionist terrorists in the then British run Palestine. These weren’t ordinary Jews, but a fanatical element of well trained, Battle hardened insurgents. Also bear in mind that American corporations were actively involved in aiding the German war machine. A case in point being IBMs involvement in the numerical data collection systems, ultimately utilised to tattoo the numbers on concentration camp inmates. This is a bit off focus on history prior to the 20th century, but was a direct result of its foundation in the preceding 150 years. Please also remember that Zionists are not representative of the majority of Jews in Israel.

  4. NWO is Satan trying to do this before it is TIME !!, The DEMONIC DEMOCRATS and George Soros will soon get what they deserve !! SATAN is,too dumb to know they ALREADY LOST !! Over 50 ,000 indictments so GET READY FOR DIVINE JUSTICE !! IT IS,COMING BY THE HAND OF GOD !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Control the money, control the power. Follow the history of elitists wealth and some of the truth comes to light. Consider the fact of who of wealth perished with the sinking of the Titanic, and how JP Morgan walked off "sick" just before departure. Most history is like frosting on a cake, you can't tell the flavor until you cut through the frosting, and history keeps adding new layers! Conspiracy is reality.

  6. I always heard that Birchers were a little "out there" and that was why they were chased out of the GOP by people like Bill Buckley. Honestly though I didn't think they were bat crap crazy until I watched this.

  7. The Illuminati is just a cover for the Jesuit colleges that run the world period.The University of Ingolstadt was the Jesuit institution where the Illuminati was formed. "History" reads that secularism drove the Jesuits from their college which sounds too incredible when first read. The University of Ingolstadt was moved in 1800 and, re established by King Ludwig in the year of 1826 as the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

  8. The JBS should have several million views on each video. Greatest society I know. I wish we had an equivalent or a sort of branch here in Canada.

  9. Everything is a conspiracy. So what? That is life. The NWO will happen in spite of all the naysayers. There is nothing anyone can do but accept this fact. I like JBS but still I must bend with the winds of change, or break & die by fighting these winds of change. Politicians are the true evil that should not be allowed in government. Congress should be made of unpaid volunteers that serve only 2 terms, like Our President is limited to.

  10. My GOD here we are listening to TRUTH and exposing Communists etc. and YOUTUBE as the audacity to put an ad on here about IMPEACHING TRUMP!!!!!!BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. What Mr. Bonapart? You want to be Emperor? Oui! That didn't last long.
    How could they be equal if some we're cutting the heads off of others. Shouldn't they all have equally been beheaded?

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