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  1. I Watched this video before flying to US from Australia, I'm not sure how long the flight was but I was FREAKING OUT because of the plane theory… Heh

  2. I have a conspiracy about Shane: He is part of the illumintai
    1. I released this video on a day with a prime number 17 (he also does alot of videos on prime number days)
    2. he always wears a red t-shirt which is a colour used in the illuminati and associated with the Devil
    3. he always had loads of illuminati conspiracy theories found nowhere else until after he releases the videos and could get all of the info from being part of the illuminati

  3. This isn't very scary or unusual. Someone made up a character, filmed them, gave them lines, and distributed it on the internet? Is it just me or is that called a web series? If you think Zoe is creepy, you should watch Clarissa Explains It All or Saved By the Bell. YES LITERALLY TERRIFYING.

  4. does anyone notice in every video he starts with "hey whats up guys yes," and in almost every theory vid he wears the same shirt?

  5. check out The Weekends AMA 2015 performace! PLEASE TYPE IN
    The Weeknd – The Hills (Live from 2015 AMA)
    The fire video,the first one, is the video where you have to pay CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE ENDING!!!..SPECIFICALLY AT THE STAGE….I will say no more. Someone please respond AFTER watching the video and tell me what exactly did YOU SEE.
    (mean no harm. just fun)

  6. To add to the theory of crisis actors, the woman shows little to no emotion in her forehead after losing a child which means that she is either not bothered by the death of her child or she has had Botox. No disrespect just theory's

  7. the more conspiracy videos of Shane I watch, The more I get worried the illuminati is gonna approach him and do something creepy, idk

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