1. Does it seem the Rothschild family operates in the same manner. They've been controlling affairs in this country since 1775.

  2. I know that the Bavarian government confiscated partial membership lists that they published, and I know that J.J.J. Bode's journal identified Nicolas Bonneville (founder of the Cercle Sociale) and others as initiates, but I wasn't aware that Thomas Paine was also a documented Illuminatus. That's good to know. It's sad that he grew more atheistic and socialistic as he aged, which helped him to fall out-of-favor with the American people. I know that he joined New York's Theistical Society, which apparently had an oath-of-initiation that was identical to the Minerval oath used by the Illuminati in Europe. People called members of that society the "Columbian Illuminati," and John Wood even wrote an interesting pamphlet against them in 1802. I understand that its members also included Elihu Palmer, along with both George Clinton and DeWitt Clinton. The latter two were prominent big-government politicians who exerted some influence on fellow big-government politician Alexander Hamilton. It's sad that Hamilton's vision of America's political future slowly prevailed over Jefferson's.

  3. The Governmental forced migration of middle east Muslims and African Muslims into Europe and Obama's underhanded attempt to flood America with uneducated third world Hispanics is an organised attempt to destabilize all Western Economies and bring them into collapse. The purpose of the collapse is to bring about One World Government under the United Nations . This will be predicated under the doctrine of " Protecting all Peoples and all Cultures in All Country's " . I pray to God that Trump stands fast in sovereignty of the U.S. .

  4. There is no way people who are lucky to have money are any better than the poor Veterans homeless on the streets!! Let go of your stupidity and help mankind!!

  5. Understandable . We Americans suppose to reject any secret society any organization trying to control or enslave us

  6. I am half way through reading this astonishing book. It is brilliantly written, clear and highly inspiring, yet disturbing in equal measure. Many people's illiusions about their heroes will be shattered by the factual evidence provided by this book where the immoral, insidious influence of the Illuminati is fully exposed. As for Paine it is believed by Rivera in his book on the Illuminati that he avoided the guillotine by pure accident, as the chalk mark signifying his execution had been marked on the INSIDE of his cell door when it was left open by mistake by the jailor! This is probably just apocryphal and no one, as Art Thompson says, can know for sure.
    I urge everyone who hasn't to buy a copy of this fine book. Your education wont be complete without it.

  7. You must know "they" out themselves quite easily. It's what we do once we become aware.
    Action is severely lacking in our so-called "modern" age!
    Oh, say can You See 💙

  8. I find it wrong to label them a bad group just because they promote certain social services for the people ~ doesn't the govt think the people deserve something for being underpaid and used as consumers for the corporations their whole lives?!
    Their mistake was not putting those funds in a lockbox, away from greedy politicians with worthless IOUs… Another mistake was not stipulating by law and in the Constitution that these social services are for citizens ONLY…
    However, through the years this group has gone insane with their agenda.

  9. Another interesting question is who are members of the John Bircher Society?
    It is my understanding that coIntelpro is what JBS offers the alternative media.
    Namely Alex Jones of Inforwars
    Jerome Corsi the author and infamous QAnon schill
    George Noory of coast to coast am.
    Intrigued to see this offering of information from JBS. Thank you.
    13 primary bloodlines are known to be at the top of the illuminati, with the head known as the Pindar (Pinnacle of the Draco) last known leader was Crown Trust family Jacob Rothschild.
    Charlemagne roots of illuminati ahead of its official merge with freemasonery in 1776
    Known for taking the best of secret societies like aforementioned and Knights of Malta they also incorporate the best of the best occultic orders members adhere to. The 5 moat well known occult orders are: Temple of Set (the 5 orders bit notably the Order of the Trade-off and Thelema.) Qabbalah, Arabic occultic jinn & rune magic notably of China's Li famility
    The main ancient gods observed by illuminati are Baphomet- Hollywood celebrity and entertainment industry
    Moloch- Bohemian Grove businessmen and politicians.
    Lucifer- So called fallen angel who leads an army of dark angels
    The heart of illuminati traditions rotate around two spheres of influence. Black Majic & MKUltra mind control. Having merged these together programming has expanded from individuals to mass hypnosis using pop culture.News Media, Movies, Music and Sports are heavily used to spread neurolinguistic programs. Along w predictive programming and repetition of order out of chaos goals and Hegelian Dialectic controls they heavily rely on signs and symbols.
    Still incorporating freemasonn signals of the hidden left hand and distress calls more intricate hand signs are in use, especially the hidden eye (in homage to one eye god Baphomet) the pyramid and 666 hand signs.
    The origin of Black Manic is with the underground group known as the reptilian draco society of old Atlantis
    The MkUltra origin was Nazi Germany but greatly expa dad in the US under project paperclip and a massive array of programs developed from the 50's to the 70's with various upgrades to MKSearch, Marathon, Mass Mind Control to modern day Psychotronic Warefare.
    Walt Disney, Henrey Kissinger were central to developing MK standards like Monarch and Jewel programming. The Mickey Mouse Club were used as subjects and Disneyland was developed as a training program after the success of Wizard of Oz & Alice & Wonderland programming. Using these stories was to develop a platform to build in other programs through means of trauma and hypnosis. The small world ride to teach international travel and Matterhorn to finally break the child subject into forming alter personalities that could be used to lock information on a subject to be retrieved by trigger word.
    The use of illuminati mind control swept through the US government after the cia coup on President Kennedy. Since then all presidents have been both handlers and mkultra slaves themselves. The program took off in the 80's as the Bush Clinton Cabal took over the Reagan Presidency. Reagan was a keen no trainer after he was put on course by Hinckley Mkultra assassination attempt.
    Bush Sr. Represents the infiltration of the government by the illuminati itself. His NWO dream was for 1000 points of no controlled neighborhoods (spheres of influence) around the world.
    With 2001 911 ritual the illuminati black majic system was put into the forefront of mass manipulation of mk ultra while conjuring black majic helps to achieve goals. Obama and Hillary Clinton are 2 examples of black majic occultists who use Neuro linguistic programming of mkultra to advance occult agendas. The illuminati 100 3 world was plan developed in 1896 was to be finished off by Hillary when she won the presidency.
    With Hillary's defeat comes the war to oust the Soros/Saudi/Rothchilds cabal of deep state USA. The Rothchilds have membership in others but the extensive plan to implement agenda 21 was postponed, if not foiled altogether.

    The illuminati houses in the USA continue to hide in underground research facilities military bases
    The Getty Museum in LA and Guggenheim in NY notably. The advance in cloning and infighting among other evolved groups like vrill reptillians and Draco is compounded by hybrid humans who are parasites by vrill get kids and also the moon child spirit cooking rituals to replace foetal soils demonic ones. Transexual in appearance 22nd often requiring prosthetic chins they re known as Baphys or Baphomet hybrids. These hubrids, droned celebrities and shapeshifting holographic dracos are in leave with the illuminati to help them retake control of the surface world. Chemtrails, depopulation and slow leak predictive programming is used for the ultimate agenda of implementing their Natural World Order s detailed on the Georgia Guidestones

    The Jesuit Zionists and Communists are the in ultimate control, including the British Monarchy, China and Zionists that are all under the Illuminati.
    They are exposed and the Trump presidency, although in line w Zionist goals is wild card to put it mildly. Whether he falls in line with completing the last 7 years of desolation as they had laid out in the bible is et to be seen. The illuminati cover is blown I th crackdowns on child trafficking nd global economic agreements
    The feasting on the human beings has traditionally been the basis for elite draco alliances, trading gold nd gems from underground for human meat.Cannibalism is an aspect of ceremonial satanism that evolved to become a hallmark of the inner 9th circle of the illuminati. The horror of the mass told abductions has helped many wake up to the threat of the 5 hives of Atlantis fully enslaving the humans again, as it was in their hey day of sex drugs and music in the Days of Babylon.
    Cointelpro is said to include Birchers like Alex Jones and David Icke of England. The belief of many in the illuminati us that by isclosingvall info through unreliable sources us enough to hold the law of karma at bay. The urrentbawakening if the threat is juxtaposed by the use of new Psychotronic water are of the illuminati. Hi tech mind control as demonstrated in gun massacres notably the demonstration for the illuminati in las Vegas using Psychotronics to cause the coordinated shooting.
    Mass chaos through tv programs, video games and disclosures like the show Santa Clarity ist and Psychosec cloning disclosure show and recent democrat psyop about missing children t the border show he life still left in illuminati goals. Info wars and psyops like Qanon, religious beliefs of Catholics and Jews show that defeating the illuminati is not going to happen over night.
    No doubt about it, the illuminati is the biggest treat to humankind. They treat the people like sheep and have thoroughly infiltrated the democratic party. Holy evol, against the people. Deny the rich and famous access to blood and children before they starve us into Fema camps.

    duonte, Disney, Cavendish, Rothschild are among the illuminati in USA but notably Hillary Clinton is a main player likely solely responsible for usurping society w their Democrat mind control. Educated Liberals are the high risk target.

  10. Thank you sir. The housing system is a trap for crime. A hand out is a jail of poverty. I get it but am trapped in darkness and sickness. I want a manufacturing job. The occult is real. The mind control of our youth is real we need real caring pastors to tell our children and youth how deceived they are. Most jobs are run in … I am older and no matter how I try no one hires me. Come soon lord Jesus come. Grow the economy and give jobs even minimum wage please.

  11. Truth all race / culture are in bed with the luciferian freemason illuminatti aggendas as is the sorcery of black magik and the Zionist/ communist aggendas. They luciferian (freemason ) tote the star of “Remphan Acts 7:43 and Amos 5:26,,, FREEMASONARY is theosophy of satan / gadreel! So the vids are good there is no separation of the illuminatti and 33degree freemasons they ALL serve satan/ gadreel; the Lowe level masons are clueless. It’s really Pathetic and sad. The imposters Jews /Zionist (Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9$, that do the work of their father satan/ gadreel,,, The “G” stands for gadreel ingognito and of course “Gnostic”, “God”!,, they never tell the lower levels in these lodges the true name of satan/ gadreel!

  12. John 8:44 King James Version (KJV)

    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

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