I tested the CHUCK E. CHEESE CONSPIRACY THEORY (just woah…)

Well everyone.. there you have it! Connect with me on social media! INSTAGRAM @KeraAriyel https://www.instagram.com/keraariyel/ SNAPCHAT @KeraAriyel …




  1. I was scared of chucky ever since and now I’m 10 years old and I’m still scared. I used to hide under the tables

  2. i just watched a video about chuck e cheese when i went to chuck e cheese i didn't care i just ate the pizza ate it up lol but know that i know what they do i am never eating there pizza again

  3. No hate but it’s not that nasty if you think about it because they re heat it so when they put it in the oven you don’t have to worry about germs because it wipes them away somehow in the oven

  4. I’m 8 and I have experienced the tokens but of course I’ve also experienced the tickets but I agree it is kinda grown but for the most part i isn’t because you’re just swiping the card
    Edit: but I get it like an atm card you swipe it

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