How White Supremacist Ideology & Conspiracies Have Fueled U.S. Domestic Terror & Hateful Violence

https://democracynow.org – Domestic terror swept the country last week, when a white gunman stormed a peaceful synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11 peaceful …




  1. So no real solution or addressing the underlying problem… just censorship and more surveillance. Cool got it… think Facebook and Twitter have purging leftist media outlet… soo yeaa

  2. "I am not in the least bit willing to allow foreign statesmen to create a second Palestine right here in the heart of Germany. The poor Arabs are defenseless and have been abandoned by all. The Germans in Czehoslovakia are neither defenseless nor have they been abandoned. Please note this fact" – Adolf Hitler

  3. Laura is scared af. I see the fear in her eyes. Well, welcome to the real world lady. This has always been the country in which you live.

  4. And yet, some still view BLM as a "terrorist" organization, while right wingers are murdering people left and right.

  5. If you are going to do a story on white supremacy in light of the current events, why not quote Hillary who just said all blacks look alike? Or Sen. Joe Donnelly who just said he has black and Native American staffers, "But they do great jobs!"
    Why don't you ever investigate the institutionalized white supremacy embedded in the Democrat Party, as shown by the two recent quotes above, and its history? The Democrats fought to keep slavery. The Democrats created the KKK. Democrats fought civil rights. Democrats fought desegregation. Democrats praise Margaret Sanger, who pushed for the genocide of blacks. Democrats even praise Sen. Robert Byrd, a former KKK recruiter, and quietly let him serve 40 years plus in Congress. And Democrats have Lyndon B Johnson quoted as saying he'd "Have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years."
    I really don't understand how you Democrats/Liberals act like you are not down with white supremacy while you embrace the most white supremacist institution that has ever existed on the face of this planet.
    But I'm sure you all already know all this already, which makes me wonder if that is precisely and secretly why you are Democrat.

  6. Look white supremacists, white people are not going extinct any time soon. Just chill the fuck out.

    You’re just inevitably going to become ethnic minorities in America. That’s all. That’ll more accurately reflect your minority status globally.

  7. HIAS = Human traffickers and importers of invaders and terrorists.
    They are getting what they have coming to them.
    Trump will control the US Constitution. TREE of DEATH

  8. Op-ed writer Lois Beckett also admitted that once the term was manufactured and used to outlaw a class of weapons that dishonest anti-gun Democrats had used to con an entire nation, nothing happened. Source Bearingarms.com hey good try there goyim I knew you were an actor within 2 minutes Lois.

  9. In her September 14, 2014, analysis, Lois Beckett of ProPublica accurately dissects what I would prefer to call a serial lie that led to the passage of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s and (then) U.S. Rep. Chuck Shumer’s 1994 “assault weapons” ban. It was, says Beckett, purely political fiction, or as she put it, “… Democrats created and then banned a category of guns they called ‘assault weapons.’” These firearms, she writes “were presented by the media as the gun of choice for drug dealers and criminals and which many in law enforcement wanted to get off the streets.”

    None of that was true then, nor is it true today

    Oyyyyyyy Veyyyyy Lois we seeeee youuuu

  10. Fact) According to Democracy Now’s IRS 990 for FY 2015, the most recent year available, Pacifica then owed Goodman’s corporation $1,875,000. In FY 2015 Democracy Now! had annual revenue over $8 million and net assets worth almost $20 million.

    It is hard to believe the hypocrisy displayed by Amy Goodman. On her show, she rails about corporate greed and malfeasance while she uses tactics that are more greedy than those used by Wall Street takeover pros. http://acrnewsfeed.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-true-story-of-how-amy-goodman.html?m=1

  11. Arm guards are just tattle tails. Guns and conceal carry permits should given to minorities, that have ethical and morals that feel they are under attack without having to go through hell to protect themselves. Being under attack shouldn't be tolerated, special interest groups shouldnt exist and the control needs to be on these insanely ignorant attacks brought on my ego, fueled hate and no tolerance because of government would rather distract is while nonsense, lies, and views they say they are for all to change them. As a targeted demograph that has always been ignored (for not logical or constitutional reasons) I'm calling b.s. and pray we all learn to have respect for everyone, stop believing the b.s. on TV. Question everything, grow a pair & heart and stop the superiority or ego complex…I truly home they make a pill for douchbags, narcissism and "elite".
    Boarder walls are to keep Americans in….to continue to work for sick agendas that haven't and will not ever have anybody's best interest in mind. Don't blame religion, gender, Muslim, homosexuality, transgender.
    Stop blaming/scratch y'all balls you don't have and realize if we had kept a "blood line pure" non of our trees would brand out, being…rather ancestral meaning more health problems meaning it all died at a much younger age like in medieval times plus being ignorant as fuck and not go forward/advance….
    Likely will get flagged or shit talked back to me on this subject….but before the digital switch and social medias took over along with the smart phone…ppl use to question and put the shoe on both feet and would stand up for real rights and not allow this shit show we call our nation to keep on let alone this many good ppl(regardless of sex,gender,age,etc….)occur.
    Pardon my French….but don't pardon logical thinking and don't target anybody but injustice and ignorance.

  12. I'm not for any party but kindness and equal rights , logical thinking, compassion and no I'm not liberal…I just don't believe I'm 1 sides/labeled nonsense. And I pray everyone stops wearing their asses as hats and wakes up for real…cuz being against one another….its what overpaid and overly protected are while robbing us blind and making changes we don't hear about unless we hold a seat in Senate and written in language that 3/4th of "Americans" (we are all immigrants) can't understand nor really read cuz hell…reading,honestly and compassion for others unless it monetary gets them to a higher status doesnt seem relevant or remembered whatsoever these days. Chew on that
    ….. I'm waiting for some wise-ass to comment on this and create a war that I won't respond to because I just shows more ignorance just praying everybody wakes up before we are all in cages for trust and not standing up for eachother/everyone minus the circus that is cause/costing in 5he name of diversion/distracting and isolating us before imprionsing us all. Normailaize a true thought that befits the world we crapped on not just a horde of worthless shit we can take with us. Make things better then how you found them and I don't mean with electronics I mean four generations ahead for any/all demographs

  13. And he ( Cesar Sayoc his real name is Cesar Altieri Randazzo )was a registered Democrat until 2016! When he was recruited to do the filthy work of far radical left socialist lunatics! He lives in south Florida his van would have not lasted a day with all those pro Trump stickers!
    And hey geniuses we ARE A REPUBLIC!!! Not a democracy! Do your homework!
    And lastly Trumps daughter is married to a Jew Trump is the most Jewish friend ply President we have had, he is the one who actually moved the embassy to Jerusalem when all others talked the talked but never walked the walk! Y’all are a much of energy vampires, all you do is talk about the negative crap, over and over and over! My God, can’t you see past your obsession, and Chronic case Trump derangement syndrome for one freaking second!??? YOU ALL ARE INSANE!!! If u only look for and only focus on negative THAT IS Precisely WHAT YOU WILL FIND…why bc it’s an absolute law of the universe we live in! I had to MUTE THIS GARBAGE WITHIN TEO MINUTES OF IT SO I COULD TYPE THIS! I couldn’t stand your doom and gloom and overly dramatic rhetoric! U PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE ENEMIES OF THIS COUNTRY, if you want socialism/communism or whatever sick far left government guaranteed to fail so bad take your happy selves to Canada, or Venezuela or Brazil or even better Cuba or to any other one of the hell holes that has what ur looking to do to our country
    We say no thank you., we love our president we don’t hear or see what the heck y’all are seeing oh and before u go to your favorite talking point and pull out the racist lie, ethnicity And immigrant bs I AM a BRAZILIAN NATIVE AND A LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENT OF THE US A WOMAN A SINGLE MOTHER AND ALL THOSE TRAITS THAT AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFIES ME FOR THE MINORITY VICTIM TRUMP HATING FEMINIST LOONEY RADICAL DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST FREAK LABEL,!!! No I’m not part of those unstable destructive angry and violent cowards…no thank you, no demented mob memberships here!!! GET HELP ASAP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, SOCIALISM IS ONLY ONE STEP CLOSER TO THEM IMPLEMENTING THE NWO!

  14. While in prison I've had the unfortunate position of living around white supremacist. I've come to realize about them by rejecting social norms they live in an alternate reality where they are reinforced by lies they tell themselves.
    When confronted with truth about whatever their first reaction is violence.
    Trump confronted with truth doesn't give the questions a chance thus giving them bold and reinforced ideals of grandeur racist mentality.

  15. Trump is responsible for these atrocities! He has stirred up an entire population of white people that the globalists have for years now have tried to disrupt, silence, systematically destroy. So what should we do about that?

  16. If any of you commenters would actually take the time to look at the Dept of Justice’s statistics on crime you would see that BLACK people commit over 63% of ALL violent crime while constituting only 13% of the population of the US!
    White people are over 200% more likely to be the victim of violent crime by blacks than vice versa. Go walking through a black neighborhood and see what happens to you,I dare you! Blacks doing the same in a White neighborhood are virtually NEVER the victim of a crime,period. Keep on spouting your anti-white rhetoric and I’ll continue living in the Real World.

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