How did Hitler rise to power? – Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

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  1. He did not win democraticly, he got chosen as chancellor by the president and when he just died, he had power and overruned the democratic process and instated martial law, he had less popular counts than the Communist he could not have won, he had 10-20% procent support which was very low also I think if he ever won democraticly it was just a claim by the bourgieoise class who got him the chancellor position to just justify his (presidency) even tho we know he was just there to protect the elites and lead the mob on minorities

  2. Why don't you give statistics (elections), names (Munich Putsch), years, etc… These facts are crucial to understanding Hitler's rise to power! You bother giving accurate dates where they are not necessary and omit those which are important

  3. "decades later hitler's rise remains "decades later hitler's rise remains a warning of how democratic institutions can be a warning of how democratic institutions can be in the face of angry crowds and a leader willing to feed their anger"

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