How Did 9/11 Happen On Bush’s Watch?

After the horrible attacks of 9/11, it transpired that the CIA had issued several clear warnings about an imminent terror attack on U.S. soil. One particular …




  1. I have proof it's true! Look at all the school killings yet the NRA isnt abolished and has the final say.

    If guns wrre eliminated the NRA would lose billions of dollars… but they are happy for YOUR kids to die for money… so if they can allow that they can carry out the attack and kill 3000 people To invade many countries for MONEY

  2. That terrorist speech by Nazi herbert walker bush to congress on Sept. 11, 1991 was a planned future attack on us!

  3. CIA wasnt warning they were letting Bush know the demolition crew was done planting the controlled explosives to bring down the 2 + a third building behind the towers that wasnt hit by anything

  4. The government's issue is not that they staged the attack but that they did nothing to stop it when they had info that could. We all wouldn't be spied on and Muslims wouldn't be discriminated and less Muslims would turn to extremism. Although, the attacks did get a surprisingly mature response from Iran who decided to condemn it and close a stadium for their enemy.

  5. Stop blaming Al Qaeda and bin Laden when everybody now knows it was Israel!!! – HELLO! – WE HAVE ENTERED THE INFORMATION AERA!!!!!

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