1. Hillary seems very fake and non genuine to me! She looks like a fish out of water trying to be cool and hip. I really hope people can see this or maybe its just me. We need some one for the people and Hillary is not the ticket.

  2. Funding Clinton is George Soros (a part of the vast left-wing conspiracy); he funded Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, Pussy Riot, FEMEN, the Maiden Square Protesters, and many, many more.

  3. What are you talking about Hillary? You are owned by Wall Street! You are a criminal and belong in prison. I am sick of your cries about you are being conspired against! Please walk off a tall building!

  4. Hillary is correct. Amazing you numbskulls cannot figure that out.  How many investigations does the right wing need to do at taxpayer expense that lead to absolutely nothing?  You people, especially you people at FOX suffer from Dunning Kruger. You are nothing but a propaganda media arm for the Republicon Party.

  5. The vast right wing conspiracy wouldn't let Bill zip his pants up, forced her to cover for him, put a server in her closet, hacked her account and deleted 30,000 emails on and on and on…

  6. She was feathering her nest to be POTUS when they said YOU GET TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. She even wanted to make the FIRST LADY A PAID FEDERAL POSITION…I wonder if she thinks Melania Trump should be getting a status and paid position with a PENSION. GIVE ME A BREAK!

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