Here’s Why Facebook is Filled With Conspiracy Theories

Why do conspiracy theories go viral on Facebook so often? John Iadarola and Brett Erlich discuss the negative effects of confirmation bias on social media. Tell us what you think in the comment…




  1. I don't get why Conspiracy Theorists get a bad rap. They aren't saying that this is what you need to believe, they are 'THEORIZING' what happened based on the evidence available. And it's not like the government hasn't been caught in Conspiracies before anyway. The NSA was just a conspiracy theory for decades and even when they got caught, it was still denied for a bit. Gulf of Tonkin, Tuskegee, MK Ultra, etc. All of these Conspiracy Theories turned out to be true.

    It's a sign of a healthy mind to question the actions of people who have conspired before. It is ridiculous to take these people at their word for much of anything. I get that some Conspiracy Theorists go too far with some whacked out ideas, but they've also been right too.

  2. though i agree there are plenty of conspiracies that are batshit crazy, there are lots that have been PROVEN yet "non conspiracy theoriests" just ignore all of them anyways. so, yeah, suck on that.

  3. "as proven by getthisdotdotRO" Holy shit! I'm in love with this man! I guess these things are like a modernized way of spreading religious beliefs. They would make 100 predictions and if one of them turns out true, they'll take full credit for that and they would forget the 99 other predictions that were false. To them, theories weight more than actual evidence because they always automatically believe that everybody is paid by the government and they're the only ones left who are honest.

  4. Morons unite. Facebook, Fox, the phenomenon happens all over the place. I try to avoid echo chambers but you can't be completely immune.

  5. I am generally suspicious of group think because too many people are gullible idiots and everyone has been a gullible idiot at least once in their lives.

  6. There were people on YouTube saying Christina Grimme was turned evil when she was on the voice because the voice is run by satanists who use the singers as targets to corrupt and the more satanic rituals they do the more famous they make the person.And their end idea was that she was killed because she either was starting to resist them or something and they were taking her out.

    But if anyone was the opening ceremony for the huge Gotthard tunnel that was finally finished,then you can tell that it is obviously a breeding ground of a topic for satanist conspiracies.I suggest watching ETC weird weekly news and their video on it.The way it gets weirder and weirder as it continues is funny and their coverage made it more fun with their reactions too.

  7. Also some YT channels tend to attract a massive following of conspiracy theorists. Flat Earth Society crazies, Illuminati freaks, race & religion "realist" dunces (like AiU and LiveLife), global domination conspiracy nutters (like Alex Jones), antisemitic scum, and many others.

  8. first of all im not one to judge so I won't call anyone anything. But I know the truth about the world,I know you know too! that's why you lie like you do

  9. Uhhh you guys just committed the same thing you were bitching about. Didn't even provide the study's link. Think Tank (and also TYT) bring on less-than-reputable studies quite frequently… As in, studies with weak methodology, studies which aren't peer-reviewed, studies from ideally-charged 'think tanks'…. And then acts as though they prove something. A ton of Think Tank's headlines are devoted to this shit.

  10. Are social-media companies filled with people who allow this stuff in? You say lots of people. How do we know its not a smaller number of people with a multifarious bunch of fake accounts who are allowed in by the social media companies themselves! In other words could it be more that Social media corporations and their members are not censoring fascists enough and are deflecting with tackling 'fake news' and looking into 'election rigging' and sending their own 'whistle-blowers' with a 'social media is addictive' warning…anything but tackling head on a small number of fascists spreading the right-wing conspiracy shit and making it look like its loads of people? In other words the conspiracy is the spread of right-wing conspiracy theories in various disguises which is being allowed by social media corp itself? bet you wont hear much on that conspiracy theory! lol!!

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