Hegel, the Media, 'Conspiracy Theories' and You. [pt 1/3]

Part 1 of 3. This episode (in three parts) explores the popular perception of a ‘conspiracy theory’ and why this common attitude is dangerous to a ‘free and open …




  1. OMG.
    I actually felt really stupid watching this.. like, I've missed something completely.
    HOWEVER, you've got me wondering mate.


    You should do something about Australia !

  2. Longinusmaximus: congrats, you've put Hegel's philosophy well, even though I suspect you didn't think that's what you were doing. You say there can never be permanent day or permanent night, only the permanent transition. This is precisely what Hegel means when he unifies two dichotomous concepts into a higher third. I suggest you focus on the meaning of his term "sublation" ("Aufhebung" in German) and try to understand how a dialectic unity PRESERVES the negative as well as OVERCOMES it.

  3. I call on every Peace loving citizen of the world to Assemble with us on July 12th 2008 in Washington DC.

    Search Youtube for: we the people 2.0

    Watch and rate the we the people 2.0 video and then send the video to everyone that you know and ask them to do the same.

    Do the same with this video

    Are You Ready? – It Is Time!

    Google revolution march and also:
    givemeliberty . org / revolution

    For Peace, Freedom & Prosperity – Make a Stand Now!

  4. THE ELEPHANT = THE DONKEY By dividing us they have conquered us. The only parties now are the THE NWO GLOBALISTS vs. WE THE PEOPLE.

  5. democracy isnt freedom people
    its not liberty
    its 51% of the people forcing the other 49% to do something they dont agree with

    "democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner"

  6. I've come to a similar conclusion,
    If the majority of "Voters" are good and reasonable people how is it they're unable to effect the changes in government they desire?
    The 2 party system slit's this majority and then both sides are "Played Off" against each other!
    In the end the majority gets little or nothing while those few pulling the strings seem to "Cash in"

  7. The Elephant's RNC had their little stars turned upside at Bush's insistence, the single point at the top ..is now 2 points at the top forming the ancient symbol of Satan. ????

  8. HAHA That's funny. Either that was a good piss take or you are just making 1chozen's point. There has been petrol shortages in Atlanta that has been largely ignored by the mass media.

  9. One party sets up the other one to win. It happens every 4 or 8 years. It works at one level or another in ANY two player game.
    Most people instinctively know this but don't appreciate the implication.

  10. I agree. Deciding between Bush and Kerry was like choosing between McDonalds and Burger King, Pepsi and Coke: it was the same product. I remember the campaign. I took notes. Bush talked of 'a strategy of freedom around the world', while Kerry (on the so-called left) called for 'extending the US military at the far corners of the globe'. Bush wanted tax cuts to keep the fat cats rich – so did Bush. The winner, as always: the power elite behind the scenes.

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