Hannity: Mueller’s probe is based on a conspiracy theory

Before joining the special counsel’s team Strzok said there’s ‘no big there there.’ FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service …




  1. The swamp is too deep to drain I think, Fraud and law breakers are many and may be to many for one man "Trump" can drain. God help us all..

  2. Thank God, the Snare is Tightening on Evil. Please Call: 202-224-3121 Tell your Member of Congress:
    Citizens of the United States have the right to know what's going on. Release the FISA Memo!

  3. He's completely living in another universe. Nothing he says makes sense. Its amazing how far from reality he's become. He's going to have a psychotic break soon. 4 of his people have been indicted! Hahahaha

  4. Trump has brainwashed half of America who supports him, do you not believe your own eyes and ears, now gates has told everything, when Mueller charges Trump with treason, hannity stupid ass will lose his job bcuz there's no more ass to lick!

  5. thuck you don't aper to count thes weak qy did you go to court un national security council is girly OF decision of justice department ..now Tucker gite out of the USA and I just fight THIS war for the people a gin wy was your not at count .now Tucker git out of this USA

  6. wt are you was sunburn to court and you don't go Tucker no apb is out for you un national security council is girly OF decision of justice department

  7. Somebody should tell Mueller to stop this witch hunt, somebody Sessions, or somebody. it is a waste of the American taxpayers money! this is the job of the deep state or shadow government.This has to stop! let PRes. TRump run our country, he is doing very well. we the people are proud that we elected our PRes. TRump.

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