Government Round Up List Revealed: FEMA Camp Conspiracy Confirmed!

Government Round Up List Revealed: FEMA Camp Conspiracy Confirmed! While often said to be just an urban legend, the existance of secret prison camps …




  1. What you would like people to think of and what they really think of you are to total different things, if you feel better about yourself to give yourself a little nickname, Alpha-scum from my dog's colon,it's the pice of shit, cold hearted cock sucker with no conscience. To believe in something is not a bad thing, there's plenty of things in this world that the medical profession nor science technology can explain. Hey but to each their own, won't push my views and opinions on you and in return show the same respect,in time when you have a dick up your ass and one in your mouth every night in prison. I know of a very good book you should read, it's about a friend of mine, I think he could probably not mind listening to you. You know, about you being such a turd licker.Fucker

  2. that's got TO BE true about ' useing it on the public… if they were looking for terrorists, why are they getting here and billing schools TO learn warfare RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA? BET THEIR NOT LISTENING IN ON THEIR PHONES AND TV'S…. ITS A DISGRACE WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO FIND THE TERRORISTS.. BUT THEIR HERE!!! GOD HELP US.

  3. Well, I am probably on some government list now for watching this, but don't forget that this has been foretold as the first steps on the road to the Second Coming. Christians, hold to your Religion, good luck and Godspeed

  4. Mark, there are no FEMA camps. I had my barber lady swear up and down that there was one here at Fort Chaffee, so I had her describe where it was and what it looked like, and of course it was on that "list" that was making the rounds on the internet. Funny thing was, she described where I worked at the time. She swore that the DOE training facility was a FEMA camp and no matter how much I told her I worked there and it was not a FEMA camp, she would not believe me. I worked there everyday and she admitted that she had only seen it from the outside, yet her deep need for a conspiracy t make her life more meaningful, would not allow her to believe me. I am a Christian conservative and would never lie about that for anyone. Might they round us up in the future? Yes, but there are no FEMA camps. Wise up man and don't be the boy who cried wolf.

  5. this applies glibally not just here u have 4 devils on the lose. one east one west one north and one south. all demonic possession until ww4 taken place

  6. Dice you believe in god but also believe in no possibility of other ridiculous and implausible things being real? You need to stop making fun of millennials because you are just as silly old man!

  7. God keeps all evil from you when you acknowledge His counsel in Deut.6:8-9. Seek the will of God (God's laws for the children), seek life in the KJV. Put on The Word, spread The Word (written), our Ten Commandments just as God Himself wrote them.

  8. we know where you coming from government a**** we want them out we want this government f*** up get a new government Trump brand new government fire every f**** one of those f**** governments

  9. My God. How stupied are you?
    Those are not FEMA camps.
    Yeah every major city has those facilities. They are City detention centers run by the city police.
    Riots are real things. Sometimes at events that draw large crowds. Fights can breakout. You need some place to take and hold a few dozen, up to a few hundred arrestees. In order to process them.

  10. this. country. was. fine. untill. they. open. up. Mexico. so. now. they. want. to kill. all American people. .i. say. fuck. them. government. u. no. like donald. chump. ..theres. a. real. liar. an the American people voted for the prick. …

  11. Let me tell you something , NEWS-FLASH your god lost the war MY eternal Father wins . Hail Satan the one true lord . Another news flash for you we do not care to kill no one , you will go extinct yourselfs as time passes by .Another thing enjoy life you stupid fanatics , and let the world in peace .

  12. okay Mark it is actually documented that the Fallen Angel aliens use black lenses because their eyes are so sensitive and that when their lenses are removed the eyes look like the so-called shape-shift eyes of Miley and Justin and all the little bitches who have sold out to Satan they're not reptilians but Satan does operate through them and Satan's little demons

  13. toss a pebble at a cat and the cat focuses on the pebble. toss another Pebble at the cat and the cat still believes the pebble is the problem . toss a pebble at a dog and the dog looks at you as if to say hey why are you tossing pebbles at me? we have become a nation of cats – not focusing on the real cause and the real true impetus of everything happening around us. instead we focus on the smoke and mirrors .two cause and effect issues here Satan and God the god of Abraham Isaac Jacob and Jesus Christ his son. the Liberals and progressives are merely unwitting and witting pawns of the enemy of God


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