GOP Rep. Leonard Lance Can’t Rule Out Donald Trump Criminal Conspiracy | All In | MSNBC

Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) concedes that he can’t definitively tell his constituents that the president and his aides did not engage in a conspiracy with hostile …




  1. This is the lowest that the US Republicans have ever stooped. They ran with Trump just to get power, so that they could annihilate everyone who isn't rich in the US. This guy, Lance, should lose his seat in the next election.

  2. I think a good heuristic when listening to politicians answer questions is to see what they volunteer in their answers that isn't simply hedging. It reveals their active moves in a strategy. Using this, Rep. Lance here said a few things that I think were informative. He hopes and expects that Don Jr and others will testify before an open committee; he specifically mentions that he was the first Republican to say that the AG should recuse himself, and; he mentioned legislation that passes new sanctions against Russia. I thik this indicates that the GOP (or at least Rep. Lance) are opening a path to distance themselves from the sinking ship that is the Trump administration and are possibly preparing to turn on him.
    Being from a state that Trump didn't win gives Rep. Lance the space to do this more than others in his party.

  3. You can't claim to be a co-equal arm of government, if you refuse to exercise your authority. Failure to perform the actions required against over-reach ensures their own destruction. Unless 2018 elections are hacked too. But hey, how likely is that?
    Oh, and let's pretend the major concern is voter fraud, at the same time. Oh, and is the right to bear arms, really helping you defend your democracy?

  4. You also cannot 100% say that there isn't a tea pot floating just on the other side of Pluto. So what? You cannot prove a negative. Dishonest question, in this form.

  5. Q: "Is the President working to harm the country?"

    If the answer is not: "Of course not!" but instead " probably not?" or even worse "maybe" there is a very serious problem.
    Right now we're at a point where if you aren't a loyalist to him or the party he claims to be with, you're squarely in the "maybe he is a traitor" portion. And if you're a member of the Republican party (but not among the head-in-the-sand 30%) your answer is only a "probably not".

    And you know what, even if you're part of that 30% your answer isn't actually a "no" to that question, but more of a "it's okay, some Americans should be harmed".

    We have deep, foundational problems and a very serious threat to national security.

  6. How do these dumb as a rock politicians get elected? I was just getting used to the uncaring, mean, salesman type GOP reps like McConnell and Rand Paul but these stupid, ignorant ones…I don't know. I'll bet Trump likes it!

  7. How can we trust a Republican controlled congress to objectively investigate Trump? The USA needs to hold another national presidential AND congressional (senatorial and representative) election – without interference of the electoral college!

  8. Is badgering the witness truly productive? Aren't there better was to get the same answers? This is one reason why mainstream media is under fire.

  9. Oh, Chris. I like you and watch you a lot, but that interview was just obnoxious. How many times does the man need to answer you? He was quite clear. Why go out of your way to be obnoxious? I just feel that you did not handle yourself well this time. (too much coffee this morning??) lol kinda seems that way πŸ˜‰

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