Game Theory: The Assassin’s Creed Shared Universe Conspiracy

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  1. So in old days they fought for Eden Apple to gain power and in modern days they will fight for next Iphone? who will give them more GB for apps 😀

  2. Assassins_dogs splinter reacon. They have to hunt down the remains of the ancient civilization. And this civilization is known as…

    The raving rabbids.

  3. Also rayman in…(i forgot the name its on the app store) has a costume that looks like an assassin (cuz it is one) and it says that he wanted to join the creed. I know this is just a reference but i just wanted to say that 😛

  4. Recon and Cell recently made a crossover DLC right? I guess that's one for the theorists. Boom my head just blew up

  5. Ig rainbow six siege is in the same universe because of the assassin's creed tower u can see in the new map and the assassin's creed sign on one of the spawn point areas

  6. Just putting this out, I noticed how you guys only refer to the ac origins. I mean ubisoft did made a dlc of Ghost Recon wildlands connecting splinter cell. But I'm pretty sure you guys know this already. Like I said just pointing this out, because I'm only seeing ac related comments. Also I've watched this countless of time it still amazes me. Also putting this out.

  7. I’m thinking assassins creed and watch dogs and far cry and splinter cell and ghost recon and uncharted and tomb raider and National treasure and Tron and g force and The Lone Ranger (2013 movie) and call of duty infinite warfare and ready player one and dollhouse (2009 series) and the maze Runner all took place in the same universe (The maze runner is an alternate timeline where Desmond failed to locate and activate the eye to save earth After the second toba catastrophe The Templar movement creates wckd and used the isu dna to create the virus in the series)

  8. Was seeing the walking dead , season 5 , epi 6 , just saw her hit by a car….i am going nuts here..can’t see his expression….that’s why I wanted to see something else…this show f**** me pretty much up

  9. You are miss understanding everyone! If you play “WATCH DOGS”, you’ll know Adien just a pro “fixer” seeking revenge, and nothing more.
    And also AC is only link with WD and Farcry. Splinter cell is link with ghost recon, and another video game called “metal gear solid”.

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