Game Theory: Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?

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  1. To be honest, I love your channel. All of you theories are supes intriguing. Idk why people get offended over theories – they’re just… theories. If anything, they promote adventuring and info digging.

  2. I like this theory but if Link had died as a child then how come he turns into a Stalfos and not a Skull Kid? If he dies as a child how is Twilight Princess’ Link his direct ancestor?

  3. Do you guys know that you can summon ben drowned
    1: You get a majora video game
    2: Sing the song of Healing reverse
    3: Close your eye and open your ti'll the song is finish and open your eye then turn around or you can see him in the computer zelda but evil zelda as known BEN Drowned

    Good luck and like and reply

  4. Majora's Mask is basically Link's Awakening. Except instead
    of being inside a giant fish's dream, Link is stuck inside the Skull Kid's
    anxiety driven nightmare.

    The entire thing happens because Skull Kid was 'abandoned'
    by his four friends. Their visualized as four giants in his nightmare, and it
    isn't until the very end when he learns that they never abandoned or forsook
    him that he is able to get past the nightmare into a 'new dawn.' Notice that
    Link doesn't leave that dream world until he sees the happy ending for the
    characters. All but one. Deku butler doesn't get a happy ending because at the
    end of everything, there is still a part of skull kid that will mourn his

    So yes, the stages of grief are there, but not because Link’s
    dying, but because Skull kid is going through the grief of his friendship and

    Once that takes place, Link is released from the dream

    Look at the characters inside it. All of them are trying to
    hide something just like skull kid. There is hardly any character who isn't
    hiding some hurt. It isn't until you heal whatever is hurting them, or
    intervene in some terrible life event that you can free them of their own pains
    or fears. Over and over again the same basic fears/pains pop up in the
    different town’s folk and you have to help them through the stages of grief to
    get there. You see healing of regret in the bunny hood, captain’s hat, mask of
    scent, bremen, garo, giant's, kamaro's, zora, and goron masks. You see physical
    healing and acceptance happen in the mask of truth, troupe leader, stone, gibdo,
    fairy, and don gero masks. The couple's mask is in a weird place between those
    two categories. You see regret that they can't be together properly as well as
    healing at knowing they'll stay together even though it'll mean their deaths.
    You get the all night mask to learn why the skull kid is in so much pain to
    begin with. The blast mask and romani mask you earn for preventing terrible
    (granted the Romani is far worse) events. keaton, and kafei mask don't fit
    perfectly but they go with the healing of kafei and anju's relationship.

    The mask that stands out most is the deku mask. It's created
    when skull kid traps you in the nightmare and, from what we learn in the game,
    is created with skull kid murdering the deku butler's son.

    Throughout the game you see this idea of fear and loss and

    regret over and over. The two additional forms you gain, Darmani and Mikau.
    Darmani fears being a failure by his death and fears letting his tribe down.
    Mikau fears that Lulu will not be okay with his departure. That's why you see
    their vision after playing the song of healing. Darmani sees that he is still
    hailed a hero even though he failed. Mikau sees his friends happy and together
    even with his loss. You can see skull kids struggles with being left behind and
    dealing with what he knows about his own actions (which are implied to have not
    been good) by the way the masked children talk in the moon.

    -What kind of people are your friends? Do they consider you


    -What makes you happy? Do the same things make others happy?

    -What is the right thing and if you do it, does it make
    people happy?

    -Who are you truly, and if what you show to other people is
    a mask, is your true face really your true face?

    That's the most important part. Skull kid sees the way he
    has destroyed this world and it scares him. But… it was the mask. Right? So
    if he takes the mask off, is he really a terrible person or was it a mask? Will
    anyone even know the difference?

    I could make this longer but it’s already gotten kind of
    silly long. Maybe I should just make a video. 😉

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