Fox News Sued Over Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

LEARN SOMETHING NEW → https://brilliant.org/DavidPakman/ –The parents of the late DNC staffer Seth Rich sue Fox News for exploiting the murder of their …




  1. Fox News viewer says: Which conspiracy theory should I believe? The somewhat plausible one or the completely outlandish one. The completely outlandish one for sure. I'm going with that one!

  2. Hannity is the one that continued to push it even after Murdoch declared that no one was to bring it up Disgusting hannity did it on either his radio show or someone else’s, can’t remember which he did not speculate at all, he flat out said that Seth was killed by the DNC. hannity is reprehensible garbage!

  3. Julian Assange publicly (on a television network) insinuated that Seth Rich was the leaker, and that it shows the danger of being a leaker.

  4. Everyone needs to know the history of FOX and how it came to be. These are facts and shows that Fair & Balanced was from the beginning intended to be a lie.

  5. Please stop with the second angle camera. Makes you look like a online video student that is doing it because your teacher told you to. It's annoy af, why aren't you looking at me while talking. When you are talking to someone 1 on 1 do you look over their shoulder for part of the conversation? Why do it in a video?

  6. Every equation has a lett hand side and a right hand side which are equal to each other. Similarly we have two morons jimmy dore = alex jones, both mother fucking clowns.

  7. There needs to be more suits holding people accountable for their words that being hard to others. Including Trump enticing aggression, violence, & racism

  8. Screaming "FIRE!" in a crowded theater is a crime. FoxNews broadcasts lies constantly and consistently fails to alert the public to issues that are treating and degrading the very fabric of American democracy. Fox News is corporate propaganda for a group people who are destroying America for their own gain. They should be shut down and prosecuted. Demand your that your member of congress hold them to account for their lies. Boycott Fox News advertisers. Why should they make money for lying to millions?

  9. Good report Dave. On a similar note I hope the families who lost members to the corporate opioid pushers get a few of those drug pushers into court and I hope Jeff Sessions gives them the death penalty like he wants to do to the nickel and dime street corner pushers. It's time people started saying 'No More".

  10. His parents begged fox to stop on national tv from useing their sons name for their conspiracy theories. Its about time they took legal action.

  11. It's about time. Trump should be next.
    Anyone official lying to mislead the public must be held responsible to the law.

  12. David the story is sketchy as hell you have to admit that…and if your only conclusion is that he was robbed, then your not looking at the facts..we know he was the wikileaks insider and none of his property waa stolen?…so whats your conclusion? you can't just brush aside obvious clues in the murder, haven't you ever seen
    First 48?
    Question everything the media perpetually denies!… remember there goal is ratings, not to shake the corporate money tree.

  13. Why do conservatives immediately go freedom of speech whenever we try to shut down their lies? Fox News and Alex Jones should pay through the nose for all the stupid lies they keep spreading in the US that have led to legimitate crises and harm against others. It is not ok to spread lies about school shooting conspiracy theories that result in people disrupting a child`s funeral and attacking the parents as "crisis actors"

  14. no jimmy was making a joke that people took out of context and never had to back away form anything

    sam even realized it after i threatened to kick him in the shin for being an asshole because his go to thing when he isnt in the best place in his life is to attack jimmy

    recently he went instead of attacking jimmy back to making his daughter sterile with the HPV vaccine is a good thing without thinking

    thx for this ha bisky vid i dont think you ever want to get into anything that is on jimmys podcast unless you listen to the full hour long thing

  15. Funny how he left out some vital points – Julian Assange hinted he was the DNC Wikileaks source, Seth Rich WASNT robbed, he was just killed. Let’s not ignore the facts to change your reporting just like what you’re blaming Fox for.

  16. How the hell can you democRATS be such dolts? Seth Rich, a huge Bernie supporter, was probably pretty pissed off that the democrats rigged the election against Bernie. Wikileaks, unlike CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, AP, New York Times, Washington Post, and Guardian has never had to retract a published story because of false information, says that Seth Rich gave them leaked emails and that there can be consequences to people that leak info to them. Seth Rich is shot in the back in his apartment and they say it was a 'robbery', yet nothing was stolen from him and there has yet to be a single suspect. Then Wikileaks offered a $25,000 reward to whoever help finds Seth's killers. This is not some crazy conspiracy you brainwashed sheep, this is rightfully questioning a very suspicious murder. You people make me sick.

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