Fox News Anchor DESTROYS Clinton Uranium Conspiracy Theory

Fox News’ Shepard Smith debunks the Hillary Clinton Uranium One “scandal” while other hosts at the network continue to float the conspiracy theory, turning many Fox viewers against Smith…




  1. I go into Breitbart and TDC forums to play sometimes, and it's exactly how David describes. You can make a cogent point and ALL you get in return is "liberal fag", "go back to WaPo!", etc. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has EVER engaged me in an argument about the facts of a story, or replied with any sort of counter-argument. It is ALWAYS insults and ad hominem, as if you are a threat to their little alternate reality safe place. If you ever want a lesson in groupthink or the machinations of alt-right echo chambers, make an innocent comment/opinion that may go against the narrative in the forums at Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Fox, etc. Or, just watch a few episodes of "Finding Bigfoot", and how those morons reinforce their silly beliefs by bouncing stoopid shit off of each other until they are convinced that the noise they heard, whether it was a coyote howling, or a branch breaking, or some other perfectly normal sound you hear in the forest at night, was definitely a "squatch".

  2. Shep Smith is the only sane one there. All the rest have an agenda for the Trump to make him look like the victim. Great job Shep

  3. Shep, I do not care whose ass you are tearing up these days but do not lie about the Hillary Beast having nothing to do with the uranium deal. Its laughable.

  4. bill Clinton accepted 500,000 dollars to give a speech in Russia during the sale of the uranium. Russia gave millions to the Clinton foundation during this time. are you actually saying this had no influence of the sale of the uranium? oh yeah. Hillary also met with putin personally. do you really trust a woman who stole the dnc nomination from Bernie? a woman who received questions to the debates beforehand?

  5. it's not debunked. did she single handedly do this, no. But its clear she was influenced with money not just in this instance but in many others. theyre all owned by donors

  6. The sad fact is 10 or 15 years from now these FOX news people will probably commit suicide . And i don't wish them bad but some lies come back too haunt you. Just saying.

  7. Shep. You are finished. Go work for fake news CNN if you believe Hillary is innocent. You'll fit in nicely at fake news CNN or the rest of the cover up media that's probably guilty as she is. Good bye Shep. Never watching you again and contacting the sponsors on your show and tell them to quit! Or never buying their products again either.
    The truth is being exposed. The ones that delay this and cover up… your time is coming and you are going to pay so bad.

  8. John Solomon and Sara Carter have done excellent real journalism showing the extend of the Uranium One scandal. Shep is just a Democrat trying to help corrupt Hillary.

  9. Hilarious.
    Funny thing is most Berners readily abandon the conspiracy when presented with the facts. Some double down and accuse me of being a PAID Troll, for Hillary of all things, but most abandon it when presented with the facts. Especially when I lay out all the ways she could benefit from a widely debunked conspiracy theory like this.

  10. Shep is a Liberal at heart and is so wrong in so many ways on his version of things. Hillary is guilty but believe she will never be put in jail or pay for her crimes in any major way.

  11. Trump needs to stop deflecting the blames on the press, Obama, and Clinton. No man has ever been able to hurt our country as he has, all for financial gain. Focus on the real issues and stop dividing us all. Wake up and crawl back to fox shit hole news Shepard!

  12. Why would you want to change "Trumpists" minds?
    Let those who wallow in ignorance enjoy themselves. It is their preferred method of entertainment.
    They love lying and they love liars.
    How can anyone who enjoy the evil of lying be more than the evil they love.
    Would you try to convince Satan of the error of his ways?

  13. Not only did he systematically debunk it, he was the ONLY person in the CM to go into full description about the nature of the story. It was brilliant in its detail, efficiency, and purpose. Nobody in American journalism coulda pulled that off and keep the interest of viewers. Of course, that doesn't apply to the hardcore Fox News viewers.

  14. +David Pakman Show I had the same thought as you, my guess is they keep Shepard Smith, and to some extent Chris Wallace, on the low viewership time slots so they can claim “fair and balanced”. It would be good to see Shep on a network who’s viewers are not immune to facts and live in reality, not the Fox News alternative universe bubble under the leadership of their dear leader, President Tiny Hands.

  15. Dave Pakman is good entertainment if you are not interested in facts. Just don't Research his B.S. You'll won't be very happy once you expose he's trying to insult your intelligence. I'm surprised his audience hasn't caught onto him by now.

    If you want the The rest of the story
    "FACT-CHECK: Shep Smith’s Fake ‘Debunking’ of Uranium One Story Ends in Humiliation, Embarrassment"

    Or Google:
    "Shepard Smith Could Lose Job At Fox After Being Caught Lying About Hillary’s Uranium One Deal"

    In the video above, Shep Smith Totally does a "Dave Pakman." He Lies, twists OMITS, and even mispronounces all of the incriminating facts. Which demonstrates he 's aware he's lying (INTENTIONALLY) by what he omits.

  16. Most of what Shep said was factually wrong. E.g., uranium has left the U.S. for Canada, Europe, and then parts unknown.

  17. Its getting harder and harder to even try and keep up with right wing wacko land. lol I mean that Hannity flow chart was 25 minutes of 5 different Democratic scandals and he goes over them every minute of every day that he is on the air.

  18. Like I said. Oh really, Smith can debunk Uranium One. Then why do we have an indictment in Uranium One Bribery Case only 2 months later. Fake news??? I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you.

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