Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Sputnik news reports, The Central Intelligence Agency has claimed that Russia interfered in the US election to help …




  1. with all these hasty attempts to disrupt our president elects position in the white house and Hillorys email why is no one getting arrested I know for sure if me a average Joe were to pull these ridiculous hair pulling basically I would be arrested under some charge why not Hillory she has good reason to be behind bars the only interviews or any communication she should have should be on pencil and paper or on visiting day

  2. Really? Please dont believe all this. Wait entill all the Info is gather by the CIA and the FBI. Then we all will see whos telling the truth. Russia is been USA nemesis sence long time ago. So why do we have to believe Russia? is better for us to sit and wait cuz thats why we pay taxes for the DHS to work their ass off and bring The Truth of this. And please dont believe all things in the internet, we Never know who gets pay or where is made. TY. lol

  3. Gary, you knOw war makes more money than peace, just think of the millions in arms deals. Profit for bill and Hillary ! JPOL

  4. It's ridiculous how Obama is continuing to try to divide us. Can he just shut up wait until his time is up and leave quietly.

  5. The democrats are so ashamed of being beaten fair and square by a reality TV host and property developer that they will do anything, absolutely anything, to try and discredit him. They are a danger to US citizens and need to be removed from society, the sooner the better.

  6. 3:26 – "russians, russians, russians, we always need an enemy, cant we get some peace?" … Amen to that, no more boogeymen campaigns, we're all tired of this shit.

  7. Gary,
    of course there was a leak and not a hack. Just ask Seth Rich!
    OH ! that's right, YOU CAN'T they already killed him for doing that. Right ?!

  8. I would like to suggest that in response to Russia hacking our election causing Hillary Clinton to loose, that we boycott the drinking of Russian Vodka for 1 week here in The United States. This should make them "Cut It Out"

  9. Blame the messenger; if Hillary had not been such a piece of human garbage there would not have been so much information to hack or leak.

  10. I ain't buying it… Usa intelligence Agencies say Russia hacked USA… but offer NO concrete proof it was the Russians! They say doing so would compromise our methods and assets. Bull Shit! If you want the American people to believe your bullshit, disclose the evidence! Instead of using this as an excuse why you lame lying candidate Hillary did not get elected and trying to delegitimatize Trump! After all… these are the same dumb fuck agencies that said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction! Hope Trump has enough balls to demand they release cheat they say is proof and de classify it! Clean house in the intelligence communities TRUMP!

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