Firefighters Talk 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

My trip to the San Diego Firefighter stair run on September 10th, 2016. I was kicked out by security after someone complained. They can’t even have a …




  1. Everyone knows but Americans . born in seattle live in nz and thailand now . ex marine I will not go home untill people wake up. . when you look for truth . god lets you know in a profound way when your on the right track. heres a tip for all you ones who are getting awaken . quit eating food that you dont know whats in it . water to . cant do nothing about wats there spraying .. metals . . my opinion is what I was consuming . nz no fluoride no gmo organic foods I havent eaten at a fast food in 20 years third eye start to open . your fucking common sense comes back . wake up america .

  2. If I was a firefighter, I'd want to make sure nothing was suspicous..lots of firefighters were killed that day and they know the most.. something fishy for sure.

  3. It's human nature to move with the heard, it's an instinct for survival. It's sad to say that a lot of people know but just play dumb.

  4. Police, fire fighters, civil servants, they all know the score. They love their jobs and their country and are generally good folk, they simply do not have the appropriate response to this. Once the truth goes mainstream however, you watch them fight.

  5. The world trade center was turned to dust by some kind of directed energy technology  that caused molecular dissociation of the steel and/or concrete. The towers went from 110 – 1 acre area stories to a dust cloud that chased people around Manhattan.

  6. You should take a look at the naudet brother's firefighter documentary, they all talk about bombs in the towers.

  7. I'm a UK Firefighter. For safety reasons I studied in depth the cause of the Salomon Brothers building collapse. NIST's fire induced hypothesis of collapse meant that all my country's Firefighting procedures for high-rise fires were lethal and all my colleagues and I were at risk. I therefore looked into the situation in great detail, not out of curiosity but a genuine need to know. My report to my colleagues can be viewed at thescienceofhealthyscepticism dot blogspot dot com

  8. So many people died due to the crimes committed on 9/11 and the wars afterwards. The worst of all this: The criminals are still alive having a good live on the expense of the victims and everyone else.

  9. Dont know how anyone, much less a firefighter could look at the facts of 911 and not conclude demolition. Very sad this denial of reality.

  10. "no comment" or walk away…they all know something is wrong but cannot fathom the harsh reality of the world. Cognitive dissonance in action.

  11. Just curious – Adam Greene, have you even read the deposition testimony of the FDNY who were on the scene and in the building?

    Not talking about the FDNY oral histories, I am talking about the depositions taken in the WTC 7 construction litigation.  Several prominent FDNY commanders and personnel were called to testify

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