Film Theory: Poppy’s Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED!

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  1. Hey if poppy is a robot then why is it that in an interview she's a normal person. She uses a trick called acting. But HEY that's just a Theory a LOGICAL THEORY

  2. New theory: all these illuminati are thought up because you people are fucking insane, crazy, nuts, plum loco, gone of the deep end, gone of your individual rockers, gone loony, daffy, bananas, cuckoo, bonkers or hit the ceiling, pick one

  3. So if you made a channel in a fashion that although it is not straight and literally about satanism but obviously still it is about satanism that same channel gives to you a tons of money in return?

    So this is true satanism brainwashing or just shameless amoral merchandise it order only to make money?

  4. I know I'm late but a lot of her video hint at the old Poppy, Mars Argo, who sued her and Titanic Sinclair. She missed her 90 day court apperance. I think a (dark) theory about that would be very interesting…

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