Film Theory: Can You SUE a Superhero? (Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles)

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  1. The Good Samaritan laws don't cover people whose job it is to save people like doctors and nurses, people whose job it is to help/save someone else. It's meant to cover the average every day citizen who is trying to help somebody. Wouldn't saving people be considered a superhero's job, thus the Good Samaritan laws don't cover supers?

  2. So… If i tie someone to a chair for 20 days without calling the police and they come knocking… A simple "he/she was planing to kill themself!!" Will make me able to walk out.


  3. The question I always had with The Incredibles is; what happened to the super villains when the heroes stopped being heroes? I suppose there could be heroes still doing their thing just illegally. I always found it weird that a super hero would stop saving people just because he or she was told not to.

  4. At the end when he said he has the superpower to get on every government watch list there was a police siren that just went by my house and I jumped so high bc it was really loud

  5. While I like your videos, including this one, I'm not convinced that the date was necessarily chosen with that intent in mind.

  6. MatPat: And that sounds like something you would hear from King George in Hamilton.
    Me: dies
    Multiverse: all different people shows up & gears that line dies
    Lol jk.

  7. I do t remember if this was brought up , but you can see the date and year the film take place in is on the news paper Bob is reading . 1962.

  8. This is the part where Miraculous Ladybug's superpower comes in handy (throwing the charm on the air and everything reverts back on before the "crime").

  9. Wait,if the flashback happened in 1946,and Mr.Incredible was an adult,wouldn't that mean that Mr.Incredible would be 57 years OLDER when the movie actually happened?

  10. I'm watching Incredibles 2, and I wanna know how strong is Elastagirl? Throwing around that back end of the bike with just her legs, and keeping her grip on the train would would make it hard to stop against that wind resistance. I think she is pound for pound stronger than Mr. Incredible. Please do a theory on this!

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