FBI Warns “New World Order Conspiracy Theorists” Planning Violence, Terrorist Attacks

FBI Warns “New World Order Conspiracy Theorists” Planning Violence, Terrorist Attacks *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, …




  1. thnx for sharing mark…. there war is with God n the message he sent us to the people of the books… today it's Islam that's portrait as bad tomorrow it will be Christianity… mark my word they won't spare any if us.. but they can't harm us if God doesn't will….

  2. The sickening part, to me, is that Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty" is now the enemy of truth, dividing the truth and liberty movements. A friend who had been involved in RP efforts for years was asked to leave a CFL meeting for bringing up Bilderberg. They called it a "crazy theory" and said they had no use for people with those kinds of beliefs. 

  3. Government better be careful if they decide to crack down on these "right wing extremists" and Christians because if they take action against their own people they'll quickly find out that some of us more liberal minded non-Christians won't be taking the side of big brother. Any government entity that attacks Americans is my enemy. I see no difference between a Chinese military invasion or an invasion of US military through martial law.

  4. first off what a load of crap new world order conspiracy theorists planning violence.its not a theory abount the powers that be wanting a new world order
    and they are the bastards starting the violence and promoting it.the fbi of all agencies know whats going on,they are one of the agencies helping usher in the new world order,wake up America they are all no fucking good

  5. Are you and your family worth billions, if you are you will be invited to join the New World Order. If your not you are a peasant like me and will either be arrested and sent to a death camp, prison, work farm or computer chipped.

    Those that are chipped will be controlled, if the Overlords command it, your chip will be turned off and you will not be able to buy food, goods and services. You will have to depend on the charity of others. 

    I for one as a world patriot support the New World Order and the rule of the Overlords. Praise the Overlords! May they be blessed by the One! 


  6. Ok just so everyone is aware for us to be successful space faring civilization in the future we would need to have one currency one language, and one government. It just makes sense.

  7. FBI targeting people who believe there is a globalist agenda I find hard to believe but it might well be a good idea since those are the likeliest to be revolutionaries or terrorists depending on whose side you agree with. There is a globalist agenda, and its not a conspiracy, its in the charters of the UN. Its not discussed much since people dont like the idea of giving up nations for the greater good as such and you make your nation an outcast from international politics if you decide to throw your weight against it (understandibly, all nations agreed to pursue this goal of human unification). You may think its unfair but it's written in stone. I'm just curious why this showed up as recommended since I never look up new world order and generally avoid unconfirmed theories, I just watch a wide variety of news outlets – maybe some are flagged.

  8. Some advice. Your consistent cynical tone is not a good thing for newcomers. I agree with everything you say and yes, they are slowly taking over and have been for over 100 years but the vast majority of people don't have a clue. If I saw this video not knowing what I know, I wouldn't believe it. On the other hand what you're doing is brave so I don't mean to criticise / offend you!

  9. returning veterans are not the number one threat to the USAcorporation if elitist devil worshiping pedophiles. HOWEVER THEY are afraid OF them obviously BECAUSE THEY have guns and are capable shooters. but the real reason is that these men are no longer naive.if they are nit career militarymercenariespolice as most are, they have gotten their eyes opened they MAYBE had a LITTLE brain development. that's THE most threatening reason. the wildest generational , THE 60s generation boomers, had theur roots in the nonvoluntary world war 2 vets , they returned home and saw THE world but ALSO more exactly saw the governmentss faces.a small amount of THESE MEN STARTED the movement, themselves or by instruction to their sons. in THOSE days many children has real father's nit sperm injectors. governments DIDN'T dispose of father's and allow women who are equally as vicious as any man to walk all over men, governments DIDN'T side for theur own reasons with WOMEN whores and child abusers who have children with less care and greeter frequency THAN they use to TAKE a shit.

  10. Geeze, the NWO is no longer a conspiracy theory?  One of the funniest statements came in 2000 starting at around 2:00.    This cracks me up.  How bad is this government and above?  They can't even control their own lies well.  It's like watching a bunch of Congressional and Bilderberg stooges stumbling all over each other.  Hello, Moe.  Plainly, they are collectively NUTS!

  11. One doesn't have to be a "conspiracy theorist" to see that the government has been up to no good in many ways. Just look at the fruit. Jesus said: "A tree is known by the fruit it bears." And since human beings are errant, fallible and capable of sinking to the lowest, common denominator with the right set of circumstances in place; it isn't far-fetched to suspect the US or any government. Man has been undermining and hurting one another from the beginning. This isn't new, and it certainly isn't unbelievable.
    Anyone who watches the news or forensic shows, is aware that families and friends of people who do evil things – often say "He was so nice. We never thought he could do something like this."
    At this point, the government has more sophisticated weaponry than our little "guns", and are in a position of power that we could never hope to successfully revolt against. Our only hope is to put our faith and trust in God to get us and our children & grandchildren through what's brewing. If you study history, even the Bible … you will see that its been a cyclic pattern for man to live basically peacefully, and then slowly escalate into war and evil. Don't underestimate mankind. Take off your optimistic & trusting rose-colored glasses. Everyone who is human – knows that with no restraint of conscience, they are capable of doing anything. And of course, the ignorant, and those on the side of evil would naturally attempt to smear or make fun of people, who no longer trust the government.

  12. yeah, as Obama will show his true nature in the next last year of his… .. welcome in his new order… on the horizon…great video mark. glad you are putting truth out there brother.. truth needs told as alot mores going on as you know… god bless you friend!!!

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