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  1. ugh i hate chick fil a, i refuse to go because of how homophobic they are. especially since im a part of the lgbt community. everyone is obsessed with that place but ugh. i can't

  2. idk but the tim hortons theory made me think of how dunkin donuts admit to my aunt's friend that they soak their coffee beans in alcohol. it's crazy. like maybe that's why some some people get into accidents especially in the morning???

  3. mcdonalds ice cream machine needs to be cleaned every so days. we say “broken” because we dont want to explain that it is being cleaned, but a lot of the time they are being cleaned out, and sometimes some of the parts do fail. sometimes the icecream comes out too soft and wont hold. so when we say broken, its to shorten it up a lot of times.

  4. my cousin works at mcdonalds and they say that the machine is broken bc they have already cleaned it that day and the dont want to clean it again which is stupid

  5. OMG OK ABOUT THE NICOTINE THING i ordered an iced mocha from Gloria Jeans the other day and it was SO STRONG but it sort of tasted like cigarettes! ive never had one but i know by the smell and i kept saying to my friends that i thought there was nicotine in it bc it tasted like cigarettes!!!

  6. I work at Starbucks and sometimes we spell names wrong just because we are bored. Or we can’t here you. We haven’t been told anything about spelling names wrong😉

  7. McDonald’s May be a multi-billion dollar company but they are super cheap. I’ve worked at Mac Donald’s and many orders a day want our ice cream. We use the machine a lot but it’s super cheap and breakable and breaks, we tell the manager and that’s the end of it… so they know it’s broken but fixing isn’t their concern as well.

  8. Tim hortons is in America. I live in Western New York and live near Canada. There are several Tim Hortons within the same town I live in.

  9. I work at an ice cream shop and all I can say is making ice cream is not hard and the machine is literally never broken, one of our machines is from the 50's lol. come on mcdanks all we want is a mcflurrie

  10. I work at McDonalds and honestly all of our machines break constantly. It all comes down to the company not replacing equipment with better equipment and its super frustrating. Our grills will even break and one day our whole fry machine went down and it was hell…and was replaced with another mcdonalds old fry machine. In the past 3months weve had our drink machine break 5 times and our orange juice machine broke down probably 15 times and weve had to get the juice out of a jug from the back fridge every time someone ordered it. And to debunk your theory even more, the thing that breaks the least in our store is our ice cream machine xD the only problem we always have is our ice cream depenses too soft so we have to usually remake ice cream cones over and over until it despenes harder ice cream. You have to keep in mind our machines depense hundreds of things in one day. I usually on average make about 45 frappes in a 7hr work day and thats not included smooties and slushies which are made with the same machine. The ice cream machine also makes shakes and ill make about 50 to 100 shakes in one work day depending on weather or shamrock season. They are def going to break down sometimes. Its not the workers being lazy, i bust my ass every single day and usually dont get my 30min break. This week alone Ive worked 3 days where im doing 3 peoples jobs bc were so understaffed. Its a hard job.

  11. My friend used to work at McDonalds and they said the reason that the ice cream machine was "always down" was because they were required to clean it quite often and it would take hours and hours to clean, and it would take even longer if it was a busy day. So thats why the ice cream machine is "down"

  12. I highly agree with the Starbucks one there was one time I clearly said my name is Amber and they wrote Taylor which is nowhere near my name that's my sister in laws name and she wasn't even with me when i went to Starbucks that day

  13. I work in a yogurt shop (I know it’s not ice cream but the machine is basically the same) and the machines brake down a lot and they are very expensive/difficult to fix.

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