1. Exellent out Dave…this is the "moderate rebels" of the news world….stand up people and be counted

  2. Its what these Progressives do, they constantly change and twist terms and language to throw off the public…even their own followers and useful idiots.

  3. I don't think we will be seeing the term "fake news" around for long as it will actually backfire and be worn out really fast.

  4. WE THE PEOPLE, need to start calling MSM news "The Really Fake News" and not let them to dictate to us what our news should be called. Since the news is essentially owned by the Shadow Gov, we need to identify Their news as such….. I.e…. SOROS FAKE NEWS or OBAMINATION NEWS. They hit us at the knees when they labeled us conspiracy theorist. Now we need to do the same.
    Obamanation News for Sheeples. LOL ?

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