1. They keep cranking the propaganda out knowing that it will be acceptable to most after hearing it enough.

  2. Johann, what has fundamentally changed since the election. Mostly old guard Republicans, some new faces with hard line conservatives. Governmental, Military and politically has yet to show the remotest changes. The Military continues a massive build up Europe. Allegedly 2000 more pieces of Military hardware is being prepared for shipment to Europe as of this writing.

    We've have beaten no one, the reins of power are still being held tight and war preparations continues
    unabated. Trump, continues to back off from major campaign promises. I believe now that Trump is even prepared to back off
    rapprochement to Russia. Which is a huge tactical and strategic mistake. At which time, Trumps credibility will be ZERO and
    most world leaders will forever hold that opinion of him. As will the U.S. citizens.

    So preparations continue and hopefully there are people in the Government, who will keep our country out of war.
    Cheers, Mate.

  3. News has always been propaganda, it has always had a addenda or angle behind it. They would mix in truths to keep people buying it and through in entertaining stuff to keep people following it. But the propaganda machine is breaking down, when the masters start loosing control of the slaves they drop the boot on them, but this time they know they have let the boot get too small and they have relied on the painted lines to keep the slaves in.

  4. Wolf Blitzer, bite your tongue!!!
    He took the traitor, Hanoi Jane, to the press dinner at the White House last year. They let her in too.
    I used to watch NBC nightly news, but they are to one way, quit watching them

  5. the government is trying to start war with Russia , RT called them out on their fake news . they asked , How would you feel if we treated your journalist that sit here the way you treat our journalist sit there ??

  6. A Democrat acquaintance said to me:  "Trump was voted in by racist, misogynist men".  I said " Wow, those 5 guys sure have large voting power".   She said "What"?   I told her this was a feminist-veto-vote made by women and young people, and that those people picked Trump, in order to give a middle finger to the liberal feminist democrats and their army of fake new people, such as MSN and CNN. She was speechless.

  7. TPTB are barely hanging onto their power with their long greedy grinch fingers. We the people can take back our power. Anything is possible on God's flat, square, fixed earth.

  8. When you spoke as a woman (another video) I immediately recognized myself in your display. You nailed it!!! I keep coming back, and you never disappoint. Truth is good for the soul.

  9. Add in the sinking of the Maine (which started the Spanish American War in 1898) but was an explosion caused by the fire on-board that set off their munitions as testified to by the captain.

    The German's sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 (that brought us into WWI) described by the press as an atrocity sinking a passenger ship but in reality that ship was carrying munitions. Furthermore, the German's had taken out a full page ad in the paper warning passengers of this potentiality and to not go on that ship.

    The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, which we knew about because we had broken the Japanese code, which is why NONE of our carriers were at there and that brought us into WWII.

    The murder of our last great President, John F. Kennedy another INSIDE JOB of the elites in the military-industrial-complex and covered up to this day even though dozens of independent researchers have uncovered most of the plot. That coup d'etat reversed JFK's intention to pull out of Vietnam while we only had "advisers" there, by the end of 1965 per Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's memoirs.

    Even the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was an insurance fraud lie! Look up the scheme perpetrated by the White Star Line after the nearly identical sister ship the "Olympic" had TWO serious accidents that rendered it irreparable and that meant it would not be re-certified at the next inspection, which would have driven the company into bankruptcy. The OLYMPIC is the ship at the bottom of the ocean and the Titanic, nameplates and dining plates changed, sailed on for another 25 years and that un-repairable 15 degree list to port magically disappeared. A massive fraud but not nearly as massive as that pulled by …

    … Larry Silverstein and company when the World Trade Centers were purposefully demolished. That neat little scheme netted him and his accessories in the MOSSAD and within the US government and military a cool $4 billion dollars on what was a $125 million dollar insurance policy and part of the INSIDE JOB of 9/11/2001.

    We have along way to go boys and girls and one of the truest tests of President Trump will be to see if he allows these investigations and trials to go on unmolested by political pressure or the globalists.

    What's past is prologue.

  10. I started listening to Alex Jones about 2 years ago on a friend's recommendation. At first, I thought he was a bit over the top, but as time went on, I found his information and predictions to be much more accurate than what I was seeing from other sources. He can be difficult to listen to sometimes, but the accuracy of the information is well worth putting up with some of the idiosyncrasies! Some of that was also probably due to what he was saying did not match up to what I believed to be true. His regular guests, such as Michael Savage, Roger Stone, Steve Pieczenik, etc. are also quite inciteful… I've recommended your channel and Infowars to a lot of people and decided how to proceed with conversations about prepping based on their reactions. Good way to break the ice.

  11. I don't even pay attention much to fox news hardly anymore. I get most of my news from Infowars and also Trunews with Rick Wiles. You outta check out Trunews if you haven't before. Thanks for the video my friend.

  12. Lib-Logic 101…
    "We should be accepting of everyone, or else you're an ignorant, mindless bigot!"

    Great, what about gun owners?
    "No, no gun owners allowed!"

    Um, but what about Trump supporters?
    "No gun loving Trump supporters will be recognized!"

    And Confederate Flag waivers?
    "Absolutely not. No gun owning Trump supporters who wave Confederate Flags!"

    But what about Christians?
    "They're the worst."

    Yea, we see right through your mental illness and bigotry…

  13. Regarding Waco, weren't some of the ATF agents killed ex-Klinton Body Guard's when he was Governor of Arkansas?? Also, your  an ex military man, would you shoot into a room like the ATF agent on the roof after 3 of your buddies just went inside?? That always seemed fishy to me.

  14. Smith mundt act 2013. I tried to share this information with someone I thought I respected, and their response was why do you care. surely they are doing propaganda for a good reason. the story is that they (the government) direct the propaganda at immigrants to help them assimilate. If you believe that then I have beach front property in Arizona.

  15. If you look at the list of websites that they are calling "fake news" websites…they are. The vast majority of them are absolute garbage. I understand that the establishment does want to censor truths against them, but most of the sites listed don't offer facts or truths.

  16. Liberals believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. It is the duty of the government to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. we don't spread fake news we tell the truth its the republicans you need to be sceptical of everything you hear or see from them.

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