Explosive Lawsuit: White House & Fox Peddled Seth Rich Conspiracies to Distract from Russia Probe

https://democracynow.org – An explosive lawsuit filed by a former Fox News contributor is alleging that his former network fabricated quotes and worked directly …




  1. Maybe Amy might honor the Rich family by dedicating some effort into informing the public about Seth Rich's beef w/ DNC management. Break a story already.

  2. Seth Rich leaked the DNC info to Wikileaks. Not the Russians. A Wikileaks representative from Britain met with Seth Rich on the campus of American University to get the DNC documents which Seth Rich had direct access to. Seth Rich handed these documents over because he supported Bernie Sanders and was upset by the way the DNC treated Sanders in the 2016 democratic primary. This is the reason the DNC refused to allow the FBI to have access to their computers after alleging that Russia hacked them; the DNC knew an investigation of their computers would prove that no hack occurred (and that the documents were leaked by an insider not hacked by an outside government).

  3. What is going on with Amy Goodman? I now unsubscribed this channel. Why do't you interview Sy Herst. He has info on who leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks and that's Seth Rich.

  4. Truth always "distracts" from bullshit. So yes, Seth Rich hypothesis "distracts" from the pack of lies the losing dems pulled out of their lying totalitarian ass. Which is not yo say it was discussed in order to.

  5. This type of fake news always happens if there is substantial evidence of collusion and wrong doing on the liberal side.
    This private investigator/ex police inspector is being paid off by the Soros and liberals to denounce his claims as reported on television.
    I think he is working for his pension and it is time that the Trump team stop talking aand get into action bringing these scam bugs to justice.

  6. Amy Goodman your facial expression is very telling. Marcy Wheeler is a Clinton Operative. What happened at Benghazi under Secretary of State Clinton was not a Conspiracy Theory, it was a Conspiracy. Her actions caused the death of Americans that were left to fend for themselves in a life or death situation. Hillary made a decision not to send in help that was ready and willing to rescue our people while they were under attack. That's been proven.
    The Seth Rich story as told by Rod Wheeler is an accurate account of what he investigated, and remains solid, even if used to establish a DNC Conspiracy, MSM FOX Conspiracy or even a President Trump Conspiracy. Each having a play at the truth.

    But the real Theory based on strong circumstantial evidence is that the DNC (Hillary, Podesta, Wasserman Shultz and Bsuman) all Conspired to kill the leaker (Seth Rich Our American Hero).
    Fuck you Marcy Wheeler, you cock sucking Investigative Reporter?

  7. The Russia probe doesn't need distracting from, because the entire Russophobic and war-mongering hysteria from the Democratic party and corporate media is bullshit based on nothing. The real election fraud that happened was perpetrated by the DNC and the Clinton machine to steal the nomination from Sanders.

  8. Fox News and the white did not invent a conspiracy, they just reported what a large number of Americans were thinking. Now it's a crime for the media and the White House to coordinate. We see through your hypocrisy. You are not fooling anyone

  9. Democracy Now might be fatally betting on the wrong horse. Whether Trump was involved or not is a side issue. Sy Hersh has laid out his evidence for Seth Rich as the leaker of the DNC documents and the second big shoe came right behind it . Julian Assange tweeted the Hersh interview. This is a slam dunk that all the vomiting up of Russian hacking nonsense can't hide.

  10. It was Putin. And his billionaire cronies (the ol' oligarchs) who meddled and hacked and leaked to wikileaks. They planted and still plant fake news, fake comments, often decrying that THIS STORY and all the links and documented evidence of collusion between Russia (PUTIN) and the Trump campaign. Thank you for reporting on this Democracy Now. Although I am sad to see your comment section overrun with paid-Putin trolls. SAD.

  11. Why is Democracy Now is doing the same bidding then the MSM and ignore the Seymour hersh tape, that was already out at the time of this story, which proves that the Russian meme is a sham from the DNC and Obama's white House to turn the attention away from what was inside the e-mails, the IT scandal, the lost of Hillary to that clown and the stealing of the primaries ? I'm starting to seriously wonder about Goodman's game.

  12. Seth is the wikileaks source according to your own golden calf, oh know, NOW what are you going to do? Lets see how honest your reporting is now. You wont say a fckng word because it doesn't fit into your wacko agenda. The American people are wise to the fake news and this is why Trump was elected. We know your contribution to the coup taking place… 50 million armed Americans have no problem with defending Trump if need be.

  13. When Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets behind that podium and starts flapping her jaws, it is nothing but lies, deflection, and arrogance. It's to the point that I can't trust anything she says as being factual or truthful. She has a tough job trying to cover for Donald Trump… I wouldn't be able to get up there and bullshit the public like that. I wonder if she ponders the validity of what she says or if she just blindly follows the parameters of whatever narrative she is told to work with.

  14. strange how many times the never-ending Hillary corruption saga has changed. Hillary's lies, the lies of Comey and his sycophants at the FBI, the DOJ, the filthy scum at the DNC – it's the member's laptop … I've never seen it before, it was Anwar's computer (so why were there gonna be consequences if it was his laptop?). Lol, what a pile of shyte …. why would Obama be involved in the 'dodgy dossier'? Why would Obama authorise the illegal spying on political opponents and sanction a dodgy dossier to discredit him? Rich leaked. Russia didn't hack. democrats are lying. (wot a shock). Rich was murdered because he upset Hillary/Podesta/dnc(Another shock lol). You're scraping the barrel here, folks. Wonder how much

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