Explaining the INSANE 4chan Trump CONSPIRACY THEORY | What’s Trending Explained!

What is “The Storm” and who is “Q anon”?? We explain the insane new conspiracy theory. Source: http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/12/qanon-4chan-the-storm-conspiracy-explained.html John…




  1. CNN is fake news remember the campaign 2016… when they said no way possible for Trump to win… lmao clown news network always makes up lies. And so does fox, msnbc, CBS, all the news is fake bs

  2. bro the channel is called "what's trending" what its trending is the page with the most likes so shut the fuck up hahahaahhaha my god you are ignorant.. i am trying not to be harsh but seriously eat a fucking dick and wake the fuck upQ!

  3. The 1 thing I hope is true about all of this is that there is regime change in Iran. Many women in prison for removing hijab. Many employees have not been paid in months. The Theocracy has drained Iran. Even the Mullahs are behind bullet proof dividers and are afraid to go out in full garb. Let this part be true. And may the "rumors that USA, Israel and Saudia want to spark a war with Iran" all be false.

  4. Holy freakin snowflake!! Man are you in for a surprise when the debate is about; life in prison or hanging Hillary, Bill, Obomber, Comey and many others.

  5. Actually I believe most of the theories you talk about here. 4chan is an anonymous gathering of really smart nerds who have literally nothing better to do than debunk shit. Let’s not discount that.

  6. Any time a conspiracy about some "shadow" power of any kind over the entire world that contains satan, demons, or any similar mythical entities- Just know that if there ever was, is, or will be some group of that nature, they would far supersede the intelligence of simplistic minds who believe in the existence of anything with as much real scientific evidence as Santa Claus. Also (whichever side you're on), if you use the phrase "fake news" more than you use the word propaganda, PR, you should try reading a book, or doing some legitimate research. It's amazing how far from the truth people (who seem to get the most coverage at least) are on every side. You guys will never get it. Never. By never, I mean never in the sense of the way people say you'll never win the lottery. Few have, and few will- just not you reading this at this moment.

  7. I wonder how you'll feel/react when you realize you're defending the likes of pedophiles lol. My guess is you'll fall off the grid in shame. I bet you don't think those 5 rich and powerful families actually own all the main stream media stations too lol. I think you're a conspiracy theorist labeling fellow "truthers" as conspiracy theorists. Operation mockingbird never existed and you're not an example of it either. Cue the sheep call lol

  8. ….backpage is down. Jay.chandler's instagram has disappeared. Cinese satellites fall from sky. Democrat pedos going down. But please folks listen to a hipsters breakdown of geopolitical issues. Wwg1wga #Q

  9. [6] Trump has very serious and very obvious mental illness and cognitive impairment. When you aren't defending against this direct observation of reality, you know this deep down inside. Maybe under all his abusive, greedy, self-interested, self-obsessed, aggrandizing behavior, he's got some heart—but he has not show it to the American people. Again, we are our daily choices, actions and behaviors, not heroic actions that have not taken place. If Trump saves "the kids" he will get credit deserved. Not more, not less. And it won't override who he is every single day until he dies.

    I hear he is a nice guy in person. So is a used car dealer.

    My point is, I care about America and every American's wellbeing. It pisses me off that so many people are staring so devoutly into the abyss that is Q and abandoning their free will and free thinking. It pisses me off that this cult is wholly a tool for distracting good-hearted Americans away from active participation in life, our country and in making the world safer. The Q cult has its followers so convinced of its "truth" that basic critical reasoning skills are no longer being used by many Americans. And, it pisses me off that people spending time online obsessing over drops, and crumbs and drama in Washington, aren't using that time to build a meaningful and happy life for themselves or cultivate healthy relationships with their families and friends.

  10. [4] When you search for information, do you nearly always reject any challenge to your worldview? Are you able to make sound arguments in favor of your worldview that do not involve insulting others or using the propaganda Q, Trump, Fox, Jones, etc. passes down to you? In other words, can you reframe your argument with your own words, not using sound bites like "fake news" to discount a contrary worldview? If you cannot argue your case without focusing on all the ways the opponent sucks, then your argument isn't base on critical reason, facts or sound judgement. This is true for every argument, ever.

    I am not a hater. And I am in no way a "sheeple." But I am really concerned for well-meaning people who are getting caught up in the Q cult. That is what it is. All the elements are present to call it a cult. [http://www.allthetests.com/quiz31/quiz/1408995360/Am-I-in-a-Cult%5D

    If you are so far in, you react to any critique of Q, Trump, Fox, etc. or the theories generated from his crumbs as something to react harshly to, be personally offended by and to immediately attempt to disarm the contrary story or person by giving them a label like "fake news," insulting them personally or resorting to arguments like, "well you must be a pedophile supporter," you are in a cult. And "crisis actors? That's 100% off the deep end people. If you refuse to seek objective perspectives, dismiss concerns from relatives and longtime friends, spend a lot of time on Q-related stuff that it is nearly all you can think about… you are in a cult. Its a slippery place to be, especially when the glue that holds you there is a narrative that Q people are "truthers" (better, smarter, woker than everyone else) and have seen the light (red pill) whatever million versions of this, and that everyone else is asleep, the enemy, not to be trusted. And the longer you refuse to challenge your Q-based worldview, the harder it will be to return back to your life.

  11. [3] By this point, followers can't see reality with an objective lens. Trump as a secret hero, yet he can't help but brag about achievements, real, imagined or due to someone else. Trump's everyday behavior and actions are who he is—not some unknown date where he will have put all the bad people in jail and saved all the children. Even if someone has one remarkable, humanitarian act in their lives, WHO they are is based on what they do and how they behave EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you live a heroic life, you get to be a hero, if you do one good thing and spend the rest of your days abusing power/women (your wives)/minorities/people's trust/ignoring your children as they grow up… that is who you are. That is who Trump is—less the heroic act since that remains to be seen. He cannot hide is mental and cognitive dysfunction—he would never be able to keep it a secret if he were secretly saving kids from pedophiles. And, he would not care about Mueller or the investigating, if he were innocent. And if the Russia investigation was actually on Clinton, woah boy—Trump would be bragging about that every single day.

    Most theories related to Q were likely invented by people who couldn't accept that maybe Trump is a kind of scummy guy and maybe they made a mistake when they cast their vote. Rather than saying, I support him but I don't know why, (which would be honest and something a "truther" would do and it would be okay even if people don't like it). The Q cult encourages false narratives and constant excuse-making for every single crap thing Trump says and does. This action, on your part, doesn't make you right, Trump a saint or a false narrative, reality. It is actually paving the way for mental illness down the line. Not being able to admit the truth, then building up convoluted stories to protect one's ego because admitting the truth seems impossible, will lead to the inability to tell reality from delusion. Which is what we're already seeing in many Q threads.

    To know truth, one must reflect deeply. The bigger the thing, the more reflection required. If you don't believe me, ask your religious leaders. Reflection does not happen in social media or chat rooms. It happens away from noise, offline and requires total presence. You cannot know truth without adequate reflection. You cannot know truth without critical assessment that is well-rounded and comes from self-reflection.

  12. [2] If you are "woke" then accept my challenge. Go offline for at least a month. Spend time with family and friends, have conversations face-to-face. Read books, get out into nature, listen to elders and take care of babies. Reduce noise (news is a big one). Volunteer (see above). And most importantly, LISTEN to your inner voice and keep a journal. You can write this all off and insult these ideas, but by doing so, you CHOOSE not to practice critical reasoning—which is the foundation of being woke. More importantly, if you actually take a month or longer to get offline and back into actual LIFE, you'll remember what actually matters. You may make an actual, positive difference by volunteering and being self-aware. You might realize there is a whole lotta world out there that you've been missing since Q caught your attention (false prophets are tantalizing aren't they?).

    The world of Q has become a cult. Its leader claims to be someone important, but won't (he says he "can't") reveal his identity because this or that. He makes excuses for why he can only offer "crumbs" instead of, facts or provable evidence. He never challenges theories, regardless of how far-fetched by "anons" who've only had crumbs to work with. He (or she) watches as people fall under his spell, defend his honor and become devout followers. He uses followers' sense of justice, desire for safety and security, and desire to be right to perpetuate cycles that include predictions that fail and narratives that pit followers against all others—because people outside the cult, followers believe, cannot be trusted.

  13. [1] It is clear that Q feeds off good intentions of its followers— but all it has done is steal their attention to the point of distracting them from leading meaningful lives that matter (e.g. instead of spouting off about pedophiles and the kids who are harmed by sex trafficking, volunteer to help kids recover from trauma or foster adopt kids who are homeless as a result of child abuse). Or, crazy idea, get involved in policy making around child protections (but you'd have to be willing to trust people a little). In other words, DO something that makes a difference regarding the topics you care about.

    The biggest issue with the Q thing is how people have been programmed to believe they are "woke" or "truthers" and that anyone who challenges their worldview or Q are "sheeple," "support pedophiles" or any host of insults. The thing is, when something is true, it just is. It doesn't need so much propaganda around it to persuade people that is it the truth. The truth is not difficult to make a sound, non-insulting, non-projective argument for. Also, the truth is nearly always way less interesting than fiction or truth-exaggerated.

  14. Look up Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union, this seems alot like it, labeling anyone who questions the government as mentally ill or insane, kind of like this guy is doing. How communistic of you.

  15. This guy lives in a world where all the proven atrocities, trafficking, pedophile rings in high places, including among politicians, media and celebrities, documented scandals, bribes and evil are just isolated incidences that are rare abnormalities. And while those things in the past might be true, like the Omaha Boys Town pedophile trafficking ring that included high ranking politicians, and that little thing called the Holocaust in the 1940s, those were just abnormal, fringe incidents that are so rare that we shouldn't really even think about them. The fact that Alefantis had Instagram pictures with babies taped down to tables, money in their mouths, etc, accompanied by strange pedophilic comments, and the fact that Tony Podesta collects art depicting child bondage and torture, and the fact that his brother John's verified e-mails are talking about the assurances of 7 year olds being in hot tubs, as well as handkerchiefs with pizza-related maps are really nothing at all. Nothing here to look at. Business as usual. And this Q thing. The fact that Trump tweets minutes after Q postings, the very same symbols and sentences is really nothing at all either. Why bother even looking behind the curtain at any of these thing, because if you do you are a nosy conspiratorial-minded, kook nutjob. No, trust this guy with the glasses on in this video. There is absolutely nothing to see here. You can 100% trust that all the higher- up elite people are all 100% responsible and good people who would never engage in any of these activities, and the ones who did so in the past or are doing so now are, again, fringe anomalies that have nothing, nothing, nothing to do with all the very good, responsible, trustworthy folks who love money and power, and have very high positions they must protect and hold on to. Yes, trust this man in the video because he is telling the truth and he has no agenda whatsoever.

  16. Some of the shit you dismissed has been documented fact. Do actual reasearch ya bawbag instead of just trying to whore viewd of pisstaking.

  17. I can see why this cuck is only reporting on on issues without getting deeper into it… couz his little leftist heart would meltdown if he knew more of those disturbing truths and would put him in a ward. so ca. 5 months later u didn't learn more??? what has happened since???

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